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Suitable sealant for markers?


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I'm in the process of making scheme/corpse/scrap markers. I've made them out of plasticard, painted in the faction colour and put a printed water slide decal with the faction symbol on them. They are double sided with different factions on opposing sides. I want to put on some sealant or varnish to make them last longer. The only similar sealing I've done was with GW's Purity Seal spray on some movement trays, and that was not a positive experience. The movement trays were made several years ago and do not feel sticky to touch, but to this day when they sit for long times (I rarely play WHFB nowadays) they tend to stick to each other or the lining of the bag.


Any suggestions?

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Two recommendations for you--when I do water slide transfers I always put down a coat of gloss varnish first (GW 'Ardcoat), the put the transfer on once the gloss has dried, and finally seal it with matte medium (GW Lahmian Medium). Putting down the gloss first allows the transfer to stick better with fewer air bubbles underneath and the matte medium ends up bringing down the inherent shine that transfers seem to have that makes them look like transfers.


My second recommendation (which fits more with your actually question) is that I end up using Krylon clear matte varnish to seal my models. The important thing when sealing models is to hit them with very light sprays of the varnish and to do it in a low humidity environment (for me that means inside). Also, make sure the temperature is between 65-75 degrees. High heat and humidity tend to make varnish frosty or sticky.

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