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Step by step building process


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I figured that I would show my step by step process for constructing scale buildings.   This building will be fairly generic since I play multiple genera. 

I start by prefabricating the windows.  That way they can be installed immediately and do not slow down the rest of the building process. 

They are based on stencil paper with the individual panes cut out.  The paper is fairly tough and easy to cut.  The front and back of the paper was faced with thin coffee stirrers.  The outside edge was framed with larger coffee stirrers and a Popsicle stick as the sill.  This will give the windows fairly realistic visual layers.  All twelve windows took only about three hours to do.  All gaps will be filled in once they are in place.  Hope you like .


Snitchy sends.

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Real life usually interrupts my thought process. 
I started on the floor.  Cast in hirst arts tiles.  I glue them together face down to create a level surface.  Then the back is reinforced with more glue and putty.  When it is completely set I filled all gaps on the top surface.


Then I built up the walls.  I edged the bottoms and sides with Hirst blocks and added rough panels to fill the walls.  Windows were added in and shimmed into place using coffee stirrers.  The walls were then capped and doors framed with popsicle sticks.


Gaps were then filled with more coffee stirrers.


When these had set I glued the entire surface of the wall and covered it with cheap clay kitty litter.  Then super glue was dribbled over all the kitty litter to protect it with a hard acrylic surface and to bond it in place.  This will give me a surface similar to flint nodules.


Now to finish up. 
Hope you like.
Snitchy sends.

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