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Noob in the St. Lu


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Hello Gents! (and Ladies!)


I got a new plastic addiction and it's NOT GW! Yay I'm cured!...only took 10 years. ;)


Just wanted to let anyone in the St. Louis area know that you have another Malifaux player and looking to get in some games. I know I've met several of you already and Alex the local Henchman, but for the ones I have not, salutations! :D I'm a 10 Thunders kinda guy, so I like to branch out. Hope to see some of you soon.



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Watch out, the vaccine wears off relatively quickly, leading to more purchases. It's how you end up with all the gremlins in a month.


Let's drop the vaccine metaphor. I easily forget that it's a serious political question in some parts of the world, and it's often difficult enough to keep composure on the forums even without discussing politics.

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