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Malifaux Events at AdeptiCon Rules Packets Update


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AdeptiCon Achievement Scoresheet, Team Tourney and Story Encounter update
Sorry if this posts twice. But, I do not see the post I made earlier.
All of the rules packets have been sent off to the printers for AdeptiCon. I sent in the achievement League Scoresheets today. For those interested in checking out what they can try to achieve over the weekend, here is a link to the unpurdified version (sans graphics and formatting):
Also, there have been some issues brought up with Team Tourney format. These have been addressed and updated in the rules packs. The big one is a clarification on schemes and teammates. Teammates MAY COMPLETE each others' schemes. When selecting your schemes, each player selects one scheme. If the scheme requires you to select a model, you must make a note (I suggest doing it on the scoresheet) of the model you select and which player's if there are multiples on the team. If revealing the scheme, you must reveal the player you are targeting. Also, if you haven't downloaded the latest version, there are only 4 rounds now and they are 2.5 hours each as 2 hours just wasn't sufficient to get past turn 3. Play fast people!
Story Encounters always have last minute tweaks...why should this one be any different? The big changes all deal with 1) how your models actions interact with scenario feature like the Barker/Midway Games (short answer they don't. But read the scenarios again for specifics) and 2) how abilities that allow models to choose to not gain conditions will work for the scenario conditions (short answer: they don't. But read the scenarios again for specifics) and 3) Any of the special named interactions for this strategy may be taken by ANY model including Peons and Insignificant models.
So, you should all go download the latest rules packets as these will be the ones used.
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