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Before I invest time and money.....

Ishmael Lazarus

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I'm almost convinced to buy Through the Breach. But before I do I've some questions I've not been able to find definitive answers for. Here goes:

1. Can I play games without magic?

2. Can I create my own monsters?

3. Can I create my own mechanical things, such as suits of mechanised armour, rocket packs and guns?

Your answers will determine how excited I'll be to get into the game.

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ad 1) You can, but Magic is kind of the justification for everything in Malifaux. Soulstones determine everything in the background.


ad 2) There is no guide on that at the moment, but sure, you could.


ad 3) You mean as a player? You could, but it's a bit Storyteller fiat how to do it.

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To me, the long and short of it is that it's an RPG and you can do whatever you darn well please with it.


I think that creating your own monsters is really easy because you have Malifaux as an easy reference point, but as Dirial says there are currently no "how to build your own" guides unless you're just making people. Mechanical things are generally the same way (though the next book does do more with crafting rules).


Both of those are more of a "if you're cool with it." Playing without magic is harder, as it's central to the setting. It is not, however, central to the rules assuming you ignore certain Pursuits and Stations and whatnot.


It takes workarounds, but as with any RPG, if you buy the book you can houserule as you see fit.

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Thank you that has really helped.

In my group I am the storyteller. Hence my questions on creating things. But at times a player will take charge and let me be a player. That way it stays fun for all, and I'm not always the villain. As fun as that can be.

We prefer any unusualness to be on the side of monsters, while heroes are mere mortals with naught but their wits, weapons and science. It is a group thing, and not just me being mean.

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