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Malifaux @ Games of Berkeley (2/26 3pm +)

Sancho of Rime

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Date - 2/26/2015

Time - 3pm - 9pm

Events - casual night, Learn to play. 


Howdy, Malifolks of the San Francisco bay area. 


Come one and come all to Games of Berkeley in... Berkeley CA this upcoming Thursday( February 26, 2015) after 3pm to play some Malifaux. Are you new or are you a old crazy necromatic hatter? Either way you should come on by and give it a swing. I will have a table set up for people who want to learn how to play with one of my crews. We also have a fair bit of terrain for use in playing. 



Looking to buy some stuff? We have a big nice selection of Malifaux(including a Johana in a relic hunters box) just in time to still get in on Wyrd's amazing local store support. 


We are located right across the street from the downtown Berkeley station, making it easy for anyone to show up. Admittedly parking is a bit of a hassle in the area but entirely possible if you decide to drive over. If you show up please just let them know what you're at the store for and my friendly fellow staff will gladly point you to the right place. 



Good Travels, see you on the other side of the breach my friends,

you're friendly henchman Sancho of Rime.

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