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TTB Male Sprue Questions


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I just received the TTB multi-pose male set today and it looks great. I am mystified by a couple of pieces though. They look like swirls of magic about the same size as arms. How are they used?

Also it says there is enough to make 11 minis but counting the different bits it looks like you could make more. Am I missing something in my count?

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Grabbing one of my sprues I am pretty sure there is more than 11 torsos.  I looks like 13.  There is a row of 5, a Row of 4, and 4 gathered around in the center of two halves in the third section of the sprue.  also 13 sets of legs.


As for the swirls of magic if I remember right they are suppose to be 'leaping' up from the ground to one of the open hands, like the power is leaping to the hand.  I never took it off the sprue and tried it so I am not sure entirely but I seem to remember that was what it was.

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Well you can also cheat a bit.  There is a zombie head, that one can only have one arm and you can make it so that the other side looks like it was hacked off.  Word of Warning, Check the heads and torsos carefully though, not all heads fit on all torsos.  I realized that when I was making a Rifleman for our Campaign from the pieces *someone else had bought our last Rifleman box at the store*, the head I wanted to use did not fit with the torso I had selected.  In the end I had to shave it down to get it to fit properly.

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