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new to malifaux


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Hi all,


I have yet to have my first game of malifaux, but it looks really interesting and I love the models.


What faction would you recommend for a first crew, and what box set would be the best first buy?


I would personally like to pick a starter set from either the Guild or Neverborn, but I'd like a second opinion on this.



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You can pick whatever faction you want. There aren't really differences in required skill between factions. There are some in between specific masters however.

Good first box sets from Guild might include Lady Justice (Death Marshals) or Perdita (The Family). On Neverborn side I would probably recommend Lilith (Mother of Monsters).

These recommendations are mostly based on how easy the crew is to play for a beginner, but even though they aren't all that difficult to start with at least Perdita and Lilith are pretty much top tier masters when you learn to play them really well. Perdita and Lilith also have the added benefit of running really well with their themed crew, so you don't have to buy a huge number of extra models on top of the crew box to get a competitive list going.

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Welcome to the game (if a bit in advance)


I would say that with very few exceptions, you can pretty much go entirely on the looks of the models to pick your very first crew. It's all balanced enough that the starter boxes with perhaps 1-2 extra models will be a perfectly valid beginning.

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