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Nice write up. I just have one correction for you, however, as it pertains to my favorite upgrade, "Rising Sun." You wrote: Sometimes just the fear of having Hungering Darkness show back up will keep players from killing your Brilliance models. It's not when "your" models die, though. It's when an enemy model with brilliance dies.

Hence, be aggressive with Huggy, and if it dies, then afterwards activate Lynch, hit them with Pay For Blood to do damage + brilliance, then hit them with Final Debt and/or his pistol to finish them off and unbury Huggy.

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I agreed it is a good write up lots of decent points made and it really is a nice narrative guide to starting Lynch. One thing i should mention is when you discuss caution about using the rising sun upgrade in reckoning, When huggy "dies" with the rising sun on the table he does not actually "die" he buries. This is an important distinction as he does not count as killed at all. This is not only a benefit for reckoning but also vendetta as well. Its part of the reason i love this upgrade so much, it makes agressive Huggy assaults near risk free if Jake is still on the table. Cheers hope this helps, keep up the great blog!

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