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Perth Malifaux Tournament - 28th Feb


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Note: This thread is repeated on the local Westgamer forum, here
The 2015 Skulls Malifaux Tournament
Insert story here. Something about taking something somewhere, hijinks occuring and riches to be had. ;)
The next Skulls Malifaux tournament will be run along side Skulls 40k on the 28th February! The players pack is now finished and available HERE!
South Perth Civic Centre, corner of South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth
Saturday 28th Feb, Times TBD, but likely around 8:45am-5:45pm
- Entry will be $30, or $25 for Outpost 6030 or Club Westgamer Members
- 4x Games, using the standard encounter rules AND/OR strategies from the 2015 Gaining Grounds document here.
- Single Faction with 1-2 Fixed, 45SS lists. In other words, bring one or two 45SS crews (can be different Masters), from which you select one list to play each game.
- Models can be proxied, provided you have an appropriate (and believable) replacement. TO gets final call on such matters.
- No seriously, I've got a pile of unopened Malifaux I don't need, ranging from decks, 1st edition clamshells and current kits through to Limited and Nightmare edition swag. So rather than let it languish, I'm going to make some of it available as prizes for the tournament. The quantity and value of the prizes will vary according to how many players attend. Even just showing up might qualify you for something AWESOME!
Pic of my prize box as it stands. Not all of it will be available, but if we hit 16 players I'll make sure someone gets that Nightmare Teddy. ;)
Other than that, there will at least be an award for first overall and best painted. :mrgreen:
Planning to go and/or have any questions? Just post them here!
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