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Tournafaux - Tournament Planner. Web based, available offline.


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Hi all!


I have created a smaller, web based alternative to Lucius Incident Logbook:

Tournafaux (http://tournafaux.egoon.se), and it supports Gaining Grounds 2015!


It uses local storage, so all data is saved in your browser. And it is available offline (if you have visited the site previously).


My motivation for this project is mainly that I do not use Windows computers, and it was a bit of a hassle to get the logbook to run on my macbook. Anyways, this app should run on any reasonably modern web browser, regardless of device. (I don't think IE has support for offline viewing though...)


I'll try to keep this wiki up to date: https://github.com/egoon/tournafaux/wiki


If you have a github account I think you can add bug reports and feature requests directly here: https://github.com/egoon/tournafaux/issues?state=open


Requests, bug reports, comments are very welcome!



And here's the link again: http://tournafaux.egoon.se

If there are problems after the app updates, try the page without offline mode: http://tournafaux.egoon.se/online.html

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I was at the tournament that is being mentioned, and I don't know what the match up issue was, but it was clear through all of the rounds that the pairings were incorrect.  by the time we got to the final round I was 1-2 playing an opponent who was 3-0.  I have used the program in the past and did not have these issues arise.


However, I was unable to manually pair the first round of a tournament I ran last week.  I clicked on the manual pairings and went through assigning everyone to an opponent, but when I selected to play the first round, they were all randomly generated again.  I could not figure out a way to get around that.



I recently rewrote the matching algorithm, and I suppose I should have done some more testing before releasing. Sorry!


I had completely forgotten to re-add first opponent and city/faction functionality. Also it looks like I left a shuffle players function call in the wrong place. Incredibly sloppy of me, and I do apologize. 


I did a new release today, and the problems should be fixed. And thanks for keeping me informed of thing not quite working properly!

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I used this at the Las Vegas Open and it worked perfectly !!! The only issue I had was using the link to email to Malifaux rankings. It sends only the VP, TP and differential. Malifaux rankings also needs the factions. If you could make it so it adds that too that would be awesome !



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