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Spell Resist


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I am sure I'm missing something basic but I am having some trouble figureing out the rules for Spell Resist.  Say a Fated cast Mind Control and beats the TN with the proper suit, the spell can be Resisted with Wp.


If the target of Mind Control is a Fate Master character how does this work?


Would the Fated have to beat the FM character in a second Duel vs Wp?


Does the Fate Master Character compare its Acting Value Wp?  If so, what's the TN?


Am I completely off base on the proceedure for spell casting vs resisting?


Again, I'm sure I read looked right past the answer a couple times and it just never clicked.



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Basically before the flip for the casting, the GM needs to come up with the TN for the NPC to resist the spell and let the Player know what the TN will be so that the player can decide to cheat or not after flipping. If the player successfully casts the spell AND beats the TN the GM came up with for the resist, the spell goes off. If not, the NPC has resisted.

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Correct. The player casting the spell flips from the communal fate deck, checks to see how the two steps I mentioned are going, then has the option to cheat from their hand.

I don't know how any other groups are playing it, but my gaming group refuses, in *any* RPG, to "leak" knowledge between the attacker and the defender they have no practical way of knowing. Accordingly, we don't tell the flipping caster the defender's total defense rating until *after* the cheating is done, and the same for a flipping defender not being told the caster's total. Note that the caster, naturally, always knows what he needs to beat to get the spell to fire - just not what he needs to beat the defender.

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