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Advice on Bases? Neverborn on Plastruct.


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So this happened...




Because of the teeny-tiny attachment points some of these models have for basing (like the little feet on Candy) I decided I wanted to use plastic material to do my bases. That way, I could use plastic cement just like one uses to assemble the tiny joints. It has worked out wonderfully!


The material I used is a sort of cobblestone/paving stone look. I believe the brand was Plastruct. I used a circle cutter to cut them to size and glued them on, then added the models.  It wasn't easy using the circle cutter and some of the circles look better than others :)


Thing is, I like how they look - and they will certainly give the force some uniformity - but I don't want them to be too bland per se.




Any thoughts on what to add or how to make them a bit more interesting?


I was considering tiny bricks scattered on top (which may look strange since they would be nice rectangles and these are very organic surfaces). Or painting the surface with various shades, washes, "wet" effects etc.


What do you think, any suggestions?

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Since the plastic looks like old style cobbles loose stones should be round. Unless you mean house bricks? That would work as well and be cuboid. Cobble stones are sometimes laid in pattern using light and dark stones. If you really want to do something with that you could paint them so the real pattern can only be seen by placing the models in a specific formation. Then there is general city detritus, a fallen street light, a discarded news paper, a half eaten rat on a stick with ketchup.

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