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  1. Thanks for the LInks they're super helpful, I've seen a lot of people say that it's not worth taking outside of keyword is there a reason for that or is it just the +1 soulstone cost? sorry but I'm a bit of a noob here what's a powerast?
  2. Hi I've just started with a friend and I'm having loads of fun playing the game, I started out with Colette's core box and I really like the way she plays though I must admit the showgirls feel a bit underwhelming compared to colette's fun tricks. I'm looking at expanding into the waiting in the wings box as I love the creepy manequins. Beyond the coryphees I want to try expanding into other parts of arcanists and I was wondering if there's any advice people could give me on what masters compliment colette's playstyle, I quite like the look of sandeep and ironsides. Second if theres any new
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