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  1. So looking forward for this. Can't wait! Well, I'm gonna Ebay and see if I can find a Sloth =)
  2. I managed to pick up the following boxes at my local shop. - Von Schtook Core Box - Necropunks - Carrion Fate - Honor Roll In the End of september I'm gonna order the "Study group". So basically those are the models I'm going to start this hobbys with. (I'm sure more will follow in the future.) Oh, I'm happy you suggested it to me. If you hadn't done it, I think i wouldn't have asked for it because I don't wanted to get on your nerfes of all my newb questions. I really appreciate a few tips on how to play him/Combos/etc.
  3. Awesome, thank you again guys! Really appreciate you answering all my newb questions!
  4. Do I need to buy the ressers faction book when I download the App. It seems the App has everything in it!?
  5. Oh wow... Thank you so much to all of you for your reply. Thank you thank you! Really helped me out a lot! For the app. Do you mean the official "Malifaux Crew Builder" App?
  6. Well first of all, Hello together. I hope all of you are healthy! So, a good friend of mine and me decided to start collect and play Malifaux. Both of us already decided on a faction and now we are looking into getting our Master. It's not hard to realize that i decided on playing Ressers. My first Master I really like story wise is "Von Schtook". Now I have two questions and I hope you guys can help me out with this. 1. In "Von Schtook"'s description it says "Von Schtook is a summoner, though he approaches it in a different manner than most necromancers, in that he allows h
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