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  1. You sum up my problem nicely. There are so many solid choices that I'm almost confused. It's not like my other Guild masters where you pick versatiles and OOKs anyway to have a fighting chance against an equal opponent. There are some models I'm not sure about like Joss. On paper he looks awesome, but his skills feel a bit all over the place and his use of power tokens is less generally useful than Melissa's or Howard's. Another example is the Hunter. I really like the concept, but I don't see a reason besides the rather high cost why it's so disliked in this forum.
  2. I've just played my first Hoffman game on Vassal and my core box should hopefully arrive tomorrow. The boxes with Joss and the Wardens are already on my painting desk at the moment. So far I like the theorycrafting for this crew a lot and the first test game was awesome. But compared to other crews I find it hard to seperate the duds from the actually good and awesome models, because I didn't see any models that weren't at least situationally useful. So what are the autopicks and stinkers for Hoffman in your opinion? What are the important versatile and OOK hires (for Guild AND Arcanists)? If you've an all comers list, please feel free to post it. 🙂
  3. Dashel needs a nerf Colette needs a nerf Nexus needs a nerf English Ivan needs a nerf Maxine needs a nerf Jedza needs a nerf Dreamer needs a nerf Leveticus needs a nerf Jack Daw needs a nerf Prof. von Schtook needs a nerf Yan Lo needs a nerf Shenlong needs a nerf McCabe needs a nerf Asami needs a nerf So'mer needs a nerf Did I forget anyone from the "needs a nerf"-list? I don't see why Dashel is in an especially dire need of a nerf compared to all the others on this list. Or maybe, just maybe Malifaux is a not overly balanced game and most of it's fun comes from overcoming your crew's weaknesses and beating up supposedly OP crews.
  4. It refers to events in Sunbeam, which I think is the place of the duel with Kitchener. But to be honest I haven't read much of the m2e fluff so far, because as a newcomer I'm working my backwards through the timeline. So I'm not entirely sure.
  5. Oh absolutely, but the entities in the meeting seem to be more aware of the Society's plans. They just don't care and only want to kill "prey" (Cooper), are in for the money/power (Anya), are inscrutable (Cadmus) or play their own game (Ivan). In the end Gretchen admittedly gives me some "Actually-smart-and-succesful-Lucius"-vibes.
  6. Sadly not really. It's just mentioned that he played Guild AND Arcanists and that he might be responsible for Mei's injuries.
  7. I just reread the intro. Gretchen is definately NOT Cadmus, because it's explicitely stated that she found Cadmus during an excavation. The story itself is about a meeting between Gretchen, Cooper, Anya, Cadmus and English Ivan in a secret lair below the Society's headquarter. That part is just about the clandestine operations of the society and it becomes pretty clear that Jedza, Basse, McCabe and Maxine are just useful idiots for Gretchen and her cronies, although I think that all of them know that already. In the last paragraph Cadmus and Gretchen discuss some kind of magical contraption that Gretchen wants to power up, which needs a certain command phrase that she's looking for and which might be the sole reason for the Explorer Society's continued existence. My guess is that she wants to become a tyrant herself, but that's just a gut feeling.
  8. SPOILERS! Gretchen is definately not Jedza. As far as I understand the Ten Thunders-story she's a Neverborn and none of the new masters is a Neverborn besides Cadmus. But Cadmus is a VERY alien creature and there is an interaction between Gretchen and Cadmus in the intro story of the Society book, which makes it rather unlikely that they're the same. And yes, Jessie, Ludwig and McCabe make Cameos.
  9. Thank you very much! 🙂 We played it wrong first then. But when I reread Titania's card after the match I came to the same conclusion.
  10. Newbie Question: Can you use Flight to take a move/charge action to leave Engagement?
  11. https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/arcanists/65959-ironsides-core-box?search_query=ironsides+core&results=1 Ah, I misunderstood you: m3e is generally available, it's just wyrd who hasn't got it in stock at the moment.
  12. There was an Amina Box available but I only found in a shop in Luxembourg. https://letzshop.lu/de/products/malifaux-2e-amina-naidu-8f5476
  13. Ironsides and Troubleshooters became available a few weeks later and I ordered them directly from Wyrd. But there have been no news regarding the Heavy Metal box and I didn't find it in Wyrd's store while others still have it listed. I guess it might be the best to buy the m2e stuff.
  14. I know, but they have gotten MUCH better and the retailer we referenced is much worse.
  15. That particular retailer is highly unreliable for any game that is not from GW, FFG or CB and that is not marked as being in stock. I try to order only things that are set for immediate delivery there, because otherwise it might take more than half a year. For example I just canceled an order for ASoIaF which was pending since may. If you want to stick to german retailers I highly recommend Miniaturicum.de or if that isn't an issue https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/ - Their fulfillment is much more reliable.
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