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  1. That would obviously be doing balancing badly - I mean powercreep not nerfing or buffing. I didn't mean introducing more powerful models that could easily beat Archie and in turn outclass most other older models. I meant introducing models that suddenly make other values be more valuable - brain over brawn sorta thing. Or making certain things be more beneficial like being able to debuff other models or have more conditions on you. Even a decent model with hard counter for things like self healing or too much movement for each faction could tip the scale. I'm not that versed in Malifaux tactics yet to come up with more concrete examples, but what I'm saying is there are many ways of approaching this situation (if this even is really a problem and not growing pains of new edition) without resulting to reprints or erratas for already established rules.
  2. Well there is more to balancing a game than buffing or nerfing. For example some models could be introduced down the line that shift the perception of what is effective and how to build a crew. Maybe models that punish or specialize in fighting beaters like Archie. Or some utility that Archie does not have might become very valuable shifting focus to those less cost effective Henchmen. Or maybe everyone else will get a hat. And even though it technically could be achieved with Malifaux App I very much like the cards. So the idea of using smarthpone app over physical object would sadden me. I still have flashbacks for having to put my strategies and schemes deck in my "Old Stuff" box
  3. Well, yeah I guess it also comes with popularity but it is kinda weird that he is the only 2E Ressers boxes on store that is "Temporarily Out of Stock". But I guess the fact that he is recommended in most masters crew compositions topic is a bigger factor here.
  4. Are they ? People were recommending both Asura and Mortimer in some Seamus crews. Thought Mortimer along with some other versitale models had some merits but did not check for myself yet. But that's off topic I guess. I've only just recently started playing so it is kinda discouraging that there already is a character that introduces such an imbalance into this faction. I know it's blatantly clear that he is too powerful because of the fact that he is out of stock and appears in most recommendations on this forum. It would be best to have many options that could fill in for him especially for players that value theme, and playing with models they like. But from what I understand the problem goes a little deeper than just this model. It seems like some crews/models are a little bit underwhelming or maybe have more of the niche strengths compared to their counterparts in other factions. But the niche nature is what drew me to Ressurectionists in the first place on the other hand.
  5. Not a fan of Rogue Necromancy either, model in particular. But I can't deny that it has Terryfying, Hard to Wound AND Hard to Kill. It has Perverse Metabolism which heals it on Poisons and it can poison itself on discards. If you have a Nurse, with trigger she can Heal and Poison that model at the same time. And it has a ranged blast attack that applies not only Poison, but Distracted too, which Seamus can use for additional damage. There is the added bonus of applying multiple different conditions which I'm guessing can make Distracted Trigger on Seamus more reliable. Mortimer sounds kinda interesting though. I do have an old Nicodem box so I kinda am tempted to try out Mortimer as henchman with Grave Golem. Wonder if this pair is big enough to take the attention away from Seamus... And both those models have pushes which on occasion can trigger Why Hello There
  6. I'm kinda new as well but I did my research and played some games using Seamus. So take my opinion with grain of salt but I will still give it since I relate to you on that front . There are many way more experienced and knowledgable people here though. Some Condition crews are kinda popular right now(from what I heard and in my meta) so I would assume Nurses are very good purchase when starting. Also they synergize with Seamus since they have Seduction. Many people advised me to get Rogue Necromancy and Dead Rider as an alternative to not having Archie or Manos. I also had a blast using Carrion Emissary, but it is kind of a pricy model SS wise so I am not sure about its versitility for starting out. He is very fun to play with though and a cool miniature. My first games were with core box + Doxies + Emissary and I still had a blast. From first games it was clear to me that it is best to prioritize some Scheme runners since Seamus can't do everything alone, a decent beater cause core box is unreliable and Seamus can't do everything alone , and Nurses for Conditions cause you need Seamus to do everything alone :P. Personally I wouldn't pay too much attention to re-releases. Cards get updated either way and I know it depends on a person, but I think some newer models look blander / less unique or thematic than their 2E counterparts. I know some people that still have 1E models for that reason (although quality of sculpts there really have changed :P). What I did after Seamus core was purchasing Doxies and then McMourning Box. I got nurses from there, Flesh construct for some options and Canine Remains for scheme running. Heard that some crews are very tough for Seamus so this McMourning can be a nice alternative when I get deeper into the game.
  7. Heh, since the word "engaged" had no capital letter I assumed they meant the movement was engaged by this model and not the Engaged rule. But really looking at Redchapel Keyword models it makes so much more sense this way . Thank you all for the replies and advices on synergies.
  8. Hey, I'am trying to learn Seamus and his crew but no one I know uses or played againts 3E Seamus so I can't get a straight answer. The wording on his Ability "Why Hello, Love" is pretty confusing to me because by my understanding it is either very powerful or very situational. "Why Hello,Love" states: After an enemy model ends a move engaged by this model, if it is not the enemy model's Activation, this model may take a melee Action targeting it. So what is confusing to me is that by my understanding Seamus only really have 2 ways of moving enemy model. By Terrorize or by Flintlock's Trigger Daze. But in Terrorize's case it is impossible to be in range to perform melee attack with 1" range Bag of Tools, and in Flintlock's case since Daze is a Trigger and the movement is just 3" it is extremely situational or needs to be set up properly and cheated with this in mind. I was wondering if this meant that I could just do melee Action regardless of the range on Bag of Tools but this on the other hand makes this seem very powerful since both Terrorize and Flintlock are very strong actions on their own and adding Bag of Tools on top of that every time you move enemy model sounds ridiculous. So I decided to ask you, did I just misunderstood how the ability works ? How do you utilize or seen others utilize this ability ? Are there any crew setups or synergies that may help with using it ? Having more chances for Bag of Tools Triggers seem like a very strong tool.
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