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  1. Ok, yeah when I did another sweep of the rule book I found it. So I wasn't too far off with just general knowledge from the rest of the book. As for the Night Terrors, I didn't realize their aura would work against debuffs, I haven't really read through enough things to see how most work, I just assumed it was just for the attacks. So their usefulness seems fairly high, although I don't know if they would fit mechanically into a Reva group. But that is some interesting uses for them I will have to keep in mind, thanks a bunch. I'm still probably going to pick up a box when I have a decent crew started just for painting sake.
  2. Awesome, thanks. I will look more into the specific units and the upgrades, and take any further questions over to the resurrectionist board when I get them. One thing that I must have missed in the rulebook when I was going through it, the suits in the attack effects. Those take place if you have that suit in your final total for the dual correct? When I read through it before I didn't notice a section talking about that, I'm assuming I missed it, but that seems like the logical way for that to work, and I was just wondering if I was correct on that. Thanks for all the pointers and clarifications. I think that about answers my noob questions, as far as I'm aware at least.
  3. Yeah, I have been reading through those, and I think Tara may be a bit much for a starting point with the heavy use of burying, it seems like general model knowledge would serve her best. I'm leaning more towards Reva, also her being mounted is really neat. So from what I read, assuming I'm understanding this right, versatile means it can be summoned by any master. So while Reva will get the most out of her own unit types, and I plan on getting some drauger for her, I would be able to include the Dead Rider as well since he's versatile. Correct? I'm not sure the soul stone total of her box, or the extra units but it seems like an idea to add him in, move some drauger or lampads in or out of danger, as well as push things closer for Reva's ability to remove burn from units. I take it Reva is a fairly new box as well, just from her placement in the store if that means anything, so it's not like she should be getting something new any time soon. A question of the Misses. I really like the alt Miss sculpts, Miss Anne and Missfire specifically. How often does that sorta model come out, just one a year or so at big events? Are their releases something you can plan your wallet around, is the big part of the question, lol.
  4. Thanks, I have a fair amount of table top wargaming experience, less so in skirmish titles, but I was going off the rules that were showed on the website, the 2E stat cards they show off, and I'm a fairly flexible player so I'm not super worried about finding an army I don't "like" the play style of. Ok, so the rules are coming a bit sooner then I expected, I honestly didn't really look into 3E since I wasn't sure what the timeline was like. Some of the goblins I can get behind as they look silly fun, so the fish people getting moved over gives me more options. So with the new rules, it sort of focus that masters list options to their own type regardless of faction, and then their own faction. With the way the rules on Tara's card are allowing her to take the void creatures, that's sorta getting applied to the masters I take it for their own creature types. Ok, so for Nekima waiting may be an option, but in general there is no way to know who's getting an update and when it's coming. I would assume some of the more fae creatures don't age so they may be on the lower end of the priority to update. So the 3E rules are available for free I take it, until they get their own cards with all the info at least? I just don't want to get the old metal models and not have any rules I can use for them. Truth be told I will probably order one of the starters next month, when I have money, but now I know to look into the 3E rules to see what fits me more. Looks like I got a lot of reading to do still. Thanks a bunch for the help.
  5. So I have been looking at Malifaux for ages, never really got into it because there isn't anyone in my local area that I know that plays it. And all the local stores the store finder says sells Malifaux minis, don't sell them anymore. I bit the bullet and said screw it, I'm going to get into it and try and find people that play. But this leaves me with a bunch of questions as well as options. I'm not a power gamer I don't care if X is underpowered or overpowered I'm more concerned with is it a fun unit or does it play like a sack of bricks. So I'm decided on Resurrectionists or Neverborn. So since it's a new game for me I'm not sure on play style and I'm going to go with things I like the look of and want to paint, and I will learn to like their play style or I will just have some nice centerpiece minis. For Resurrectionists I'm looking at Reva or Tara, but in 3E Tera is changing to be single faction, not an issue as I love her design. But I'm really curious about the Night Terror minis, do they fit in with either, or do they have a better suited leader? I love bats and I love their design, when I get the money I will be getting a kit to paint at the very least. On the Neverborn side of things Titania is the main one that is of interest to me, but for the specific minis I love the Waldgeist minis and the neverborn emissary, as well as the Amphibious Assault kit, and of course Nekima, both her more exposed and her alt sculpt look like great centerpiece minis. I already got the Avatar version of Pandora because I want to paint it, so maybe starting with Pandora would be an option. So the questions are, should I focus on any one master at the moment? Is 3E coming out soon enough to justify holding back on getting stuff just to get the aged up version? Do night terrors, Waldgrists or the spawn mother and gupps easily fit into any of the starters? Lastly, is there a more up to date store finder? Sorry if this is a lot of questions that have answers elsewhere, I've been reading some of the threads in the Resurrectionist and Neverborn forums but none of them seemed to match my question, as well as my general noob related questions. The only local store, that won't take 2 hours of bus hopping to get to, only really has older Malifaux minis, all the avatars and what I'm assuming are first edition versions of the starters as they look different, so I'm more or less limited to the webstore. Also, no offense meant but the 2E starter doesn't catch my fancy for either faction in it, none of the minis in it really inspire me to want to paint them, compared to say Titania.
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