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  1. Shows what I know I guess haha I forgot I do have a Bete Noire from 2e as well. Would you consider her an auto take in Reva or just for scheming
  2. I played a bit back in 2e, but I recently got back into model painting which ofc made me want to play more malifaux. I have the reva core box (from 2e) and I also picked up the 3e Seamus core box. I'm waiting on Carrion Fate and Rottenburg. I'd like to start playing at the lgs on malifaux night once my crews are painted but I'm worried that in schemey matchups I'll struggle with my choice being two masters who focus primarily on killing things. Can either Reva or Seamus easily shift to a scheming crew? And if not what resser master would fill this hole the easiest? Any general tips for either master is always appreciated as well :)
  3. Me too. That was awful. 8th had its hiccups but (for armies with Codexes out) its very balanced
  4. At the moment I have refreshed my email every 5 minutes for the past 3 hours and 23 minutes waiting for word about the beta testing. Looking on the bright side I still played 40k 7th edition and there is no way that Malifaux can be worse than that. 😂
  5. lol i was wrong ignore my opinions on this
  6. god i was such a gamer. change scary or whatever. 3e actually rocks
  7. Especially with that nice 2/3/5 damage track... if I can get all three in and attack I could knock her Alyce down pretty fast
  8. We’ve been playing 35ss box to box in our group, and we do Olay strategies and schemes but unfortunately make them suffer was in the pool which Levi definitely liked
  9. We are using the errata (thank god) but that’s a good point. If I can take out Levi early Maybe U can Stone to give fast to the shieldbearers and then walk+charge into Alyce to end the anchoring quickly?
  10. Unfortunately we’re using box to box, but I hadn’t thought of giving Vincent from the shadows! The extra offense is definitely worth a lower soulstone pool
  11. Hello! My name is snow and I’m new to these forums so please don’t yell at me if I put this in the wrong place!!!! ———————————————— I’ve played friendly games of malifaux for about 9 months now as Reva, but I only had gremlins players to play against. I won most of my games cuz the gremlins would blow themselves up to do damage/heal others and leave me with some nice corpse markers to target them :) More recently my girlfriend started to show up and hang out during the games so we taught her how to play and let her join in a few. After a game or two she decided to get a box set, salvage and logistics specifically. She played a few games against the other players and we finally got a chance to play against each other (starter box on starter box to make it a little more fair since that’s all she has) and she, understandably, defeated me in a soul-crushing 8-1 victory. I don’t particularly care that I lost (the game is about the fun!) but it does bother me a little that I couldn’t even put up a fight. I did a little research and the only tactic I can find is targeting the waifs, which is hard to do when they’r hiding very far away from my corpse candles. Is there something I’m missing that would help me fight back a little better? Any help is appreciated :)
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