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  1. CMKeller89

    Second edition full character sheet (4 page)

    This looks absolutely incredible. Can I ask what font you used? I recently made a version of the character sheet that fits inside the Tarrot card sleeves from FantasyFlight. But would love to get the fonts updated to what you have going on.
  2. CMKeller89

    Starting Tinkerer Construct?

    Does anyone have some interesting starter constructs for a Tinkerer using the given 25 script and a max of 3 construct points?
  3. CMKeller89

    Monday Preview - Yan Lo

    This would be a killer alt model
  4. CMKeller89

    Brand new FateMaster

    I figured it was outdated but thought I would double check just to make sure. Thank you for the information.
  5. CMKeller89

    Brand new FateMaster

    Quick question for everyone. I'm brand new to TTB, just picked up the Core Rules 2E book and have campaigns on the way. I ran a 1 shot adventure yesterday for a small group. They were really understanding while I doubled checked questions they had and the sort especially when it came to things like the critical effects. I was thinking of picking up the FateMaster kit for the screen to use as reference. But I'm wondering is it still valid with the new Core Rules? Or is it better to make copies and build my own screen/reference?
  6. CMKeller89

    Basing for Ten Thunders?

    So I am going through and painting up a massive order of Ten Thunder models that I recently bought myself. I'm loving the game as well as the faction so much that I really want to give basing a try. This would be my first time doing some basing for a model so I was wondering if anyone had some good ideas (or pictures for inspiration) of how to go about creating some really great but fairly easy Asian themed basing for them.
  7. CMKeller89

    25SS Set Up?

    Thank you for the replies. Sorry about missing the ruling on summoning. I haven't really done much summoning yet so it slipped my mind. Here are the full rules that they often use *All Crews must be led by a Master.*The game size is 25 soulstones.*All Crews follow normal rules of set up, as allowed by the standard rules.*The size of a Crew’s Soulstone Pool is limited by the Cache of the Master leading it plus one; any Soulstones above this amount are discarded.*Models may summon models, but there can never be more models in the crew than the crew started with plus one. You guys have given some awesome advice though and I really appreciate the in put.
  8. CMKeller89

    25SS Set Up?

    Really new to the game but have decided to focus on the Ten Thunder crew. Local game shop runs a lot of 25SS tournaments. So I was wondering what would you recommend as a good 25SS set up. The only additional requirement apart from being 25SS is it must be led by a Master. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. CMKeller89

    Feldherr Case Insert Question

    I did a search and saw Feldherr case was a common recommendation. I love the look of it and was going to pick one up from Amazon since I live in the US. My question is though what inserts would best hold Malifaux models. I was hoping to sta away from Pick and Pluck foam as I'm just not a big fan of it. So I was wondering what inserts would fit the 30mm, 40mm and 50mm base models. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.