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  1. CMKeller89

    The Mirror Of Raef

    Those are made using crackle medium (cermcoat brand, not sure if it matters it’s the only brand I’ve tried.) that is run through an airbrush at a very very low pressure. *WARNING* this will create webs EVERYWHERE!! in the surrounding space.
  2. CMKeller89

    The Mirror Of Raef

    That is the white mirror tape from Duck Tape. Took a little ashy grey, little brown grey and little copper brown, used a bit of sponge to dab it all about in that color order to create a bit of erosion on the surface. The tape actually has really terrible adhesion. But that worked in my favor as it created a bit of a ripple to the surface.
  3. CMKeller89

    The Mirror Of Raef

    Don’t stare into the mirror to long, you never know what you will see.
  4. CMKeller89


    Yes I did to both. I used a crackle medium being run on really low pressure through an airbrush for the spider webs. I then used those twinkle fairy bottle LED lights to run under the base to the braziers
  5. CMKeller89

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Announcement

    Finally finished my entry into the Elim category. Incredibly happy with the outcome of this piece but as always there is more I wish I would have done.
  6. CMKeller89

    Keep It Simple Peasant

    Was not my first concept for this round. But overall happy with this outcome.
  7. CMKeller89

    WIP Burn It All

    First attempt at a painting competition, first attempt at fire/lava. A lot of firsts with this project but I’m fairly happy with its current progress.
  8. CMKeller89

    WIP Burn It All

  9. CMKeller89

    Second edition full character sheet (4 page)

    This looks absolutely incredible. Can I ask what font you used? I recently made a version of the character sheet that fits inside the Tarrot card sleeves from FantasyFlight. But would love to get the fonts updated to what you have going on.
  10. CMKeller89

    Starting Tinkerer Construct?

    Does anyone have some interesting starter constructs for a Tinkerer using the given 25 script and a max of 3 construct points?
  11. CMKeller89

    Monday Preview - Yan Lo

    This would be a killer alt model