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  1. Papa legba or baron samedi themed Zoraida nightmare crew. Or else the same thing as a new Nico style master of zombies.
  2. Has the kitty model been released? I thought no proxies were allowed ?
  3. Im playing Sonnia into two games on thursday. My first M3E games with guld so ill probably stick with a similar list regardless of foe or schemes and strats. Thinking this Sonnia, Flame. Handler, 2 Thralls, 2 stalkers and death marshall recruiter just because i want to
  4. Cheers people. Ok so maybe I’ll put Basse ahead of Perdita in my painting queue.
  5. How does home on the range stack? “ when deploying, every friendly model with this ability can deploy +1 beyond this crews deployment zone. “ So If they have the ability they get to Deploy 1inch up? I’m confused.
  6. Its surprising also how statistically yes i shold be able to get a high crow but in actuality sometimes i dont get any crows at all. plus if all i have is one high crow i might want to use that crow for Molly's debt of gratitude trigger or indeed it might be my only severe and someone else wants it.
  7. I’m still not convinced by the forgotten Marshall. Played against a Zipp crew last night and he did manage to summon a punk zombie and a nigh terror but I found my self in many turns just noodling around wondering what to do with him. For his cost I could have hired the punk and the night terror and not have had to worry about slow or wounds. I’ll perservere but I find his utility isn’t great
  8. Kirai is great as a second master. Ikyro can take care of armour and raising a goryo is just sooo good. Seeing ikyro doesn’t count to her summon limit she can get both out at the start of the game. Raise something else and she has covered her cost. I would expect second masters to be not allowed in gaining grounds
  9. Molly in everything but I think Yan Lo will be good in reckoning or mcmourning
  10. I played a game with Molly on Friday night versus von schill. It was turf war and I took deliver a message and dig their graves. My list was Molly, Necrotic Machine, Phillip and the Nanny, Archie with GST, Forgotten Marshall, carrion effigy and two Crooligan. Won the game 6-3 should have been 7-3 but I’ll explain that one. His list was Hulk Hogan, steam trunk, Hannah, Lazarus, strong arm, librarian and freikorp man. Was a really frustrating game for my opponent, Archie was nigh unkillable with gst and other healing from machine and effigy. Highlights were the effigy putting up his decayng aura on Von Schill and then as a result after being softened up by Molly with disturbing I killed him with a Crooligan! Forgetting that I had deliver the message! Phillip and the nanny just frustrated the hell out of him. Slow was pivotal on Lazarus. Pretty much only lost a summoned punk zombie( I will always call them that!) . Got all the start points and dig but white line fever meant I missed deliver. I think in turf war Phillip is good. I ran him to the middle marker and just trolled all game. Archie jumped around killing stuff. I was worried coming in to the game about all the armour and shielded he would have but luckily sheer weight of attacks took care of it. I’m not sold on the Marshall . I gave him the whisper but still only ever had an crow decent enough for him once in the game. Just not convinced. His gun is ok but not a good reason to take him. Effigy was great, healing and decaying aura then in turn 4 I turned him into the big bird. By then overkill but still fun.. Really enjoyed the crew and I’m soloing Molly for a while until I get settled into 3. I’m sure a big loss is around the corner but hey I like the feel and fluff of the forgotten.
  11. So who are you seeing as models that are worth paying the tax for? Are there any?
  12. Points can be really tight. Fitz, Amina and The Cap all seem to be such auto includes with Toni. That bubble! I’m thinking only one gunsmith am I crazy?
  13. I'm one of those who don't like to have to many balls in the air at one time. I'm a plodder. As such i find it hard to swap between masters. In 3e is it viable to solo masters now? Who are the better solo-able masters in your opinion?
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