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  1. ReimuTheMiko

    Iconic Fate Deck

    Thanks for the very, hum, detailed (yeah, that's a good one) explanation Now I understand why it's taking so long, haha. Best of luck with whatever work still remains to released this cursed thing
  2. ReimuTheMiko

    Iconic Fate Deck

    Sooooo, any news? It has been quite some time.
  3. ReimuTheMiko

    Reimu's Shrine of the Wyrd! (Hobby blog)

    Uff, it's dusty in here! Well, I have been busy painting some arcanists for a friend, but the cheeky and lazy bum still didn't take a picture or two for me to share them! Welp, after that I got my hands in my brand new and shiny Strongarm and WAM! It was so fast! 2 painting session and he was done, I'm quite happy! He has the same color scheme as the my other Freikorps, including the tiny bit of red spot color and green. Pity he did absolutely nothing the first game I fielded him in
  4. ReimuTheMiko

    Reimu's Shrine of the Wyrd! (Hobby blog)

    Thank you I had a lot of fun painting the hair and I'm not even sure why
  5. ReimuTheMiko

    Hans the Stampede

    What an absolutely fantastic idea for a colour scheme! He looks pretty damn good, well done!
  6. ReimuTheMiko

    Reimu's Shrine of the Wyrd! (Hobby blog)

    Kaeris, Arcanist Master! A friend of mine who plays Arcanist asked me to paint his Kaeris. It 's funny, but what I enjoyed to paint the most was her hair! It was pure fun! She's a pretty girl, but it was a pain to basecoat certain areas, like the tiny, TINY, stips of leather holding her sword. Expect more Arcanists, I now have the Gunsmiths and the Captain on hold.
  7. ReimuTheMiko

    First game with Sandeep vs Mah

    This was quite fun! Thanks for the read
  8. ReimuTheMiko

    Reimu's Shrine of the Wyrd! (Hobby blog)

    Wam, another one taken care of: Vanessa! Next up it's Kaeris for a friend!
  9. ReimuTheMiko

    December 19th - Alt Lazarus

    Same here. Here in Portugal we only have one store and the community is still small (but gaining momentum!) so Guilders are literally non-existent so far.
  10. ReimuTheMiko

    Gaining Grounds 2017

    I guess it's time to add "Killjoy" to my Outcast collection
  11. ReimuTheMiko

    Reimu's Shrine of the Wyrd! (Hobby blog)

    THE MAN THE LEGEND THE ETERNAL CHAMPION HUUUUUUUUULK HOGAN! Gods, I freakin' love this model I never play him without his "The Shirt Comes Off!" Here's the glorious bastard together with his team! Oh, and their box ... (yeah, I really didn't like the model)
  12. ReimuTheMiko

    Reimu's Shrine of the Wyrd! (Hobby blog)

    Thank you for the Nine-Ball score, I'm honored! Yeah, how could I resist those panties
  13. ReimuTheMiko

    Reimu's Shrine of the Wyrd! (Hobby blog)

    Welp, I have been lazy, I admit, took me a long time to take a picture of the complete crew but here it is! I loved painting this one, the girls are all so unique and it was the perfect excuse to use not-so-common colors (like the Cyan).
  14. ReimuTheMiko

    Reimu's Shrine of the Wyrd! (Hobby blog)

    I decided this would be where I shared my painted Malifaux miniatures so I did a quick title change I began painting my 2nd crew, Viktoria's Hired Swords! Because I have only been painting my miniatures (this is rarer than it should be! xD) so I'm very happy with the progress! The 3 Ronins are done! Some extra angles: Also, because I found it so fun to paint, PANTY SHOT! C&C is more than welcome!
  15. ReimuTheMiko

    Greetings from Portugal!

    Hello everyone! I'm mostly a painter and frequent user of the Dakkadakka forum as my big love as always been 40k, but I've discovered I REALLY enjoy playing malifaux! Besides the pain some miniatures are to glue, I'm having a blast with painting and gaming Nice to meet ya!