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  1. True, but you should remember about shooting into engagement randomization. I think that DE might be useful with Parker with his (0) attack- obey and I told you to duck! to shoot everything within massive 3" Engine Melee range.
  2. Thanks everyone for replies, now I should probably include Vanessa as regular when running Engine(or take him with Hamelin or Jack Daw). She has nice attacks, draw triggers, intuition, and can act as an anchor for Levi. Unfortunately action granted by Command Construct can't declare triggers. I have another question- which upgrade should I take? I usually ran Oathkeeper for 16" threat range, since scramble costs 1 SS more. Now I'm thinking about taking The bigger they are... since DE has nice movement on it's own.
  3. Hello all, I'm a new member of this forum and to the Malifaux in general(I've only played about 10 games, all with Leveticus). I really like desolation engine, with his healing on hits and damaging pulses, but it feels a bit underwhelming compared to other high SS Enforcers, like Killjoy, Langston, Teddy or Peacekeeper. Even Strongarm Suit or Jorogumo have- in my opinion- more power than DE. I know that this model is a bit like piniata, with dropping Abominations when he dies, the melee expert grants him many attacks plus his pulses are very nice. Yet, Engine has no almost no resilience- his Def is pathetic, HtW helps just a bit and no armor is a huge drawback since many high soulstones models have also very high minimal damage plus most of them can perform more than 2 attacks per activation- usually with flurry or melee expert, sometimes with their (0) actions. So I've a question to more experienced players- is Desolation Engine bad as a model and it's better to take something different, like Suit, Killjoy or in case of Levi- other powerful models?
  4. Hello all, my name is Mariusz and I'm from Poland. Malifaux is my first wargaming experience and I'm very impressed by the game- the story, factions, characters, rules and beautiful miniatures are massive advantage for me over other tabletop games I looked into. First time I saw Malifaux was when two guys were playing it at LGS- it was lady Justice v. Seamus. I was amazed by game where you can play flaming skeletons with guns and coffins versus Jack the Ripper and his dead prostitutes. I generally play Outcasts because their leaders and other models are very interesting to play and due to my preference of masters over factions- it's good to have several mercenaries. Cheers, Cedar
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