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  1. How in that case should horror duel work? For Example unit start it's walk and end in the middle of the air (climble) and fail horror duel... Does it stand in the air? Another example - unit make walk - end in on the middle of the wall then make shooting attack and end activation - after that player put model behind wall so it is out off los - profit. That is a cheat, so as for me if you can't climb in 1 ap - then it is not possible for this model.
  2. Take Teddy, Poltergeist and Candy. Poltergeist give negative flip on wp to enemies and it is very powerful with Pandora. Just imagine - you give "mood swings" to some weak enemy minions, then activate poltergeist and put him in 1inch from enemy important model, after that probably enemy would try activate this "important" model, but you use mood swing and he activate some weak minion. So now you should activate teddy and use his 0 (Gobble You UP) on enemy "important model", usually it is quit easy to resist for enemy this 0 action from Teddy because it is only CA 4 vs WP but with negative flip it will be hard and in case if teddy was in 6 inches he will immediately attack his target due to "Smell Fear". After that you will have Teddy with 2 AP near target and if it is quit resilient model you can use flurry and kill it. Candy is very powerful model with Pandora - again you can use "incite" on already activated model and then just move candy in engagement with this model> so next turn you can auto paralyze enemy model just by using mood swing and force to make first activation on enemy model which engaged with Candy. Beside this Candy bring great heal to crew, just take her "Depression" upgrade and she can use 3 heals per turn - in that way I heal Pandora from "almost dead" to "full HP" in one activation. Poltergeist - beside negative flip to wp, is very good model his attacks are against WP so enemy tagert will make def flips with negative flip and if he loose - then it will get auto "slow" + trigger "misery" from Pandora. Also it is "minion" so it can make interact actions.
  3. Take him with Killjoy, deploy him close to enemy and play aggressive. If enemy kill him - then he will get Killjoy charge, which is devastating.
  4. Does Lilith DF trigger stacks ? For example when model with flurry or enemy Master miss two times with ML action and Lilith flip is mask for both DF flips, will Disappear "-2 to ML actions" apply twice ? so this model next attack against Lilith will be with -4 ML ?
  5. And here is another example.
  6. Does model B get cover from lossblocking terrain if it is located more then 1 inch from losblocking part of the terrain but within 1 inch of that terrain.
  7. The main problem is AaD charge range threat and at least 10 models on the table from beggining. Actually right now I can't imagine model which can get to Belles through AaD. Ye in some kamikadze style I can do it with master bu change master on 5 ss model... As for Models which can push - this model probably will push Lilith in LoS to Belles and then CA8 vs WP5... Bad idea.
  8. Lilith my main master, first of all Tangle Shadows is quit hard spell, second it has range 12, so probably Lilith will need still spend at least one ap to come in to position. With this spell in best case one enemy model will be in the center of my crew, however which model it will be? Levi ? doesn't make sense because waif are still far away, AaD? it will require very hardhitting models to take it down completely, while opponent will not sit back he will rush you. Put some killer in the middle of the Rotten Belles or waif - then probably Lilith will get charge from AaD and Levi, as I have mentioned clever Levi Player will wait with his killer models until you get no activation left, so if Lilith used Tangle shadows then AaD and Levi can now activate and she has poor chances to survive their activations.
  9. Waifs are often far away with some shooting anchor ( Rusty, Lazarus ). With what models (Neverborn) you can get to them quickly and kill? How can you pass through Ashes and Dust? Clever Levi Player will not activate AaD untill you will get some doomed model in his charge range and with 10+ models on the table it is hard to outactivate him so he will be 1 -2 activations ahead while your crew don't have more activations. And if you just stay back then he will get little bit closer and next turn it will repeat. Rotten belles give range threat while AaD and levi hold middle of the table. Which models can get to waifs and kill them in 1 activation? because most often it will not have second chance.
  10. I would like beconers become cheaper.
  11. He can get Lazarus as anchor + 3 Rotten Belles + AnD. While Levi + AaD at the forefront, Rotten Belles support them, they lure models which can actually kill Ashen Core... With 10+ models, 2 almost immortal models and such strong lures these crew become outbalanced as for me.
  12. Hello, I am Eugene from Ukraine. I am big fan of tabletop games such as Warhammer 40k. Past Christmas I started Malifaux and fell in love with this game Already Have Lilith and Pandora Crew. I am going to collect all Neverbon faction as they all are so awesome.
  13. Yes, most balance is in cooperation one model with another, as it was mentioned in example of "briliance" crew, where you can have free henchman. However rotten belles can be hired by Leveticus + he can bring very strong model (Ashes and Dust) + free totems and start 50 ss game with 10+ models on the table. As you all know Leveticus himself and AaD both very hard to kill and can come back, you cannot ignore them. In that situation RotŠµen Belles will activate late in turn when your already don't have activations left and lure almost any model, so that's why it seems to me that there is some broken balance with this combo Levi + Rotten Belles.
  14. Ye, you are right, my opinion is there is some broken balance. As I have mentioned Rotten Belles are much stronger then Beconers and cheaper. So I would like to know why? Why stronger model which is better and have similar game role is cheaper ?
  15. My question is to game designers. Please tell me why similar (in game role) models have such big difference in cost, for example Beconers and Rotten Belles ? Actually Rotten Belles are much stronger and cheaper. Is it balanced ?
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