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  1. Hello, I need some help and advise. How does "pushes" and fences work? Can model be pushed through fence? In my club we used play in way - that model which is higher then fence can be pushed through. But if it is same height or lower then it is stoped when reach btb with fence. On attached photo there is example of such "fence". It is for sure good hindrance for gremlin size models (ht1) but such monster as Chompy will pass and not notice it.
  2. Sorry dat was about Yasunori - he is too good and will appear in most games.
  3. That all true but it is rediculus we compare henchman for 13 with enforcer for 12. Really guys don't you see that this model is "little bit" overpowered ?
  4. if we compare models we compare their potentional dmg. If none of them hit then both have dmg 0. However ML6 with + has good chances to hit.
  5. Unfortunately no, he still can make 4 attack on single charge without any support from other models. In order to get triggers he just need hit with one of all 4 suit whish are included and get free attack. Then hit with 2 left suits to have another free attack. And that all with + to attack flip.
  6. Ok lets put them, Yasunori Charge range 12, Nekima 9. Ysunori min dmg 12 max 20 (we take all that all attacks hit and both triggers worked), Nekima min 12 max 18. Nekima only defense vs him is preventation with cc but he has armour so it is like preventation for 1 every attack. So as for me he is better but for some reason is cheaper...
  7. We have different boards, I just can't upload images - there is some limit on uploads It was just example that we have los blocs and don't play on emptyfield.
  8. This is one of the ways to counter them, but again "stuborn" it mean that Master should spend 2 ap to get clear flip (Collodi can ttake focus from his toys). Don't you think it is too much for just enforcer ? We campere it to Nekima and seems like lady losing dat compare. Armour, flight, stubborn, pul cards great 0 actions, + on ML flips, all triggers included...
  9. Here are few boards in our club in our last tornament
  10. But how ? his models are faster and deal more dmg then yours/ If you try put marker he just kill shem runner and after he gor advantage in activations Horse and misaki will go for your key models.
  11. Blocking los great, but unfortunately I can't block los to everyone. And that is only 1 master. I mean you will see dat Yasunori in all TT rosters, so you should look on it more closely after dat Errata and new GG2017. Combine new Misaki Yasunori and Emissari, now add there Anna Lovelace and few sheme Runners and imagine what dat combo will do in the middle of the board.
  12. I mean silirids are worst then Guups, same shame runners but 4 cc and can be spammed with Mother, now with wisps it can be done While Mother do other things...
  13. WP 6 and stubborn, It is hard to engage him because combination wit Emessary let him get fast from emissary and dat action also push model 4 in any direction so before charge he usually get pushed 4 and get fast.
  14. In our club we have all factions presented. And most game masters. As for me I have all neverborns (except Lucius and Collodi? Collodi is next to purchase)
  15. Yes he can't charge while engaged, however his first charge for 1 AP it is potential 4 attacks ML6 with + to hit and damage 3/4/5. Actualy he have great chaces to kill first target and get second charge. All mentioned except manipulative are ignored due to his + to hit, he just got clear flip without +. Ufortuanely not all models have manipulative and Opposet player is not idiot - he will charge model after it activated or other model without manipulative. yasunori have thrreat range 12 (10 CG + 2 meele range) and flight so he can choose whom to charge.
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