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  1. A 3 Round Malifaux tournament, 50SS Crew value, No Fixed Faction or Masters. Proxies are allowed for models that are not out yet (i.e. some Wave 2 models and Wave 3 models) Official Wyrd cards are required to play proxies. Cards can be copied/scanned and printed out of the official books. Painting Requirements: Models need to be at least base coated in 3 or more colors, but there will be a prize for the Best Painted crew. First Round: Squatters Right // Standard Deployment Second Round: Turf War // Corner Deployment Third Round: Stake a Claim // Flank Deployment Rounds will last 2 Hours, with 15 Minutes between games.. Gryphcon Website KWC Malifaux FB Group
  2. Just a reminder this event is this upcoming Sunday! We'll have a wide variety of models in store for people to check out along with a lot of experienced and Passionate players!
  3. Hey everyone! I'm hosting my first Malifaux Demonstration on Sunday January 24 at Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge, Ontario. I'm aiming to have at least 3 tables setup with masters from 10T, Guild, Ressers and Gremlins. We're working to build up the Malifaux Community in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge area and already begun hosting regular game nights every Monday at Forbes Hobbies. We will have games setup for both experienced and inexperienced Wargamers. I hope I get a chance to meet some of you in the area interested in playing! For more details on the event you can find it located here.. https://www.facebook.com/events/1867795006780077/ For the KWC Malifaux group, you can find it here.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/KWCMalifaux/
  4. Will do, thanks! Hoping we can get a few people to play the local shop near me, but it will be a hard push to get them there.
  5. Finally pushed into Malifaux by a good friend, and eagerly looking forward from taking a break from my other Minis to really dig into Malifaux! I've decided on Rasputina crew box for my first step into the fray, looking forward to learning from everyone Also, anyone in the K/W/C Ontario area know a place that meets locally?
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