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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys I’m sorry I didn’t know where to post this, but I’m curious if anyone could tell me anything about this deck I came across. It’s a Malifaux Allegiance Fate Deck. Again sorry if this is not the right place you can remove if necessary.
  2. Those bayou critters are wild!!!!! The lil green gremlins can't control them, before you know our towns will be run down with vicious 6ft chickens and if we don't stop them soon they will be eating us!!!!! So happy to be in final round this year as last year I got eliminated round 1, a massive thank you to word for running this and making the fantastic models they are best at, a massive thank you to the judges for giving up their time and I hope all other entrants have enjoyed their time as much as I have, love painting so much and enjoy trying to improve all the time, would love to one day to do it more than just a hobby
  3. A 3 Round Malifaux tournament, 50SS Crew value, No Fixed Faction or Masters. Proxies are allowed for models that are not out yet (i.e. some Wave 2 models and Wave 3 models) Official Wyrd cards are required to play proxies. Cards can be copied/scanned and printed out of the official books. Painting Requirements: Models need to be at least base coated in 3 or more colors, but there will be a prize for the Best Painted crew. First Round: Squatters Right // Standard Deployment Second Round: Turf War // Corner Deployment Third Round: Stake a Claim // Flank Deployment Rounds will last 2 Hours, with 15 Minutes between games.. Gryphcon Website KWC Malifaux FB Group
  4. Welcome to the boom town know as Paradise Falls! Located in the badlands, near the bayou, and under Ortega control, this little town owes its success to the near by waterfall and resources from the bayou. Welcome to Paradise Falls is an 8 week campaign that is half Through the Breach and half Malifaux! One week, you will join in a TTB Rp session to help out the town of Paradise Falls. The next week, you will join in story encounters were the outcome of the games will decide what effects the RP story! Players that are on the defenders side will even be able to bring in their fated to help in the battle! The Dates: The first TTB session will be Saturday Sept 13th, from 10am till 4pm. TTB sessions will then be every other Saturday from then on. The first Malifaux encounter will be Saturday Sept 20th from 10am till 4pm. Malifaux encounters will then be every other Saturday. The Location: Dragon's Lair comics 2227 N 91th plz Omaha, Ne 68104 (402) 399-9141 The cost: Nothing to join What you will need: An idea for a character in Through the Breach. Each player will also decide on two master for the story encounters. One will always be the attacker and the other will always be the defender. In the story encounters, players will flip to decide who will be what. Masters from the Guild and Arcanist can only be defenders. Masters from Gremlin and Neverborn can only be attackers. All other master can choose a side. In story encounters where a player is the defender, they may bring their Fated into the battle to help out. The side that gets the most wins (attacker or defender) will have an effect on the next TTB session played. Come join in this epic campaign! Keep up on the action in this thread:
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