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  1. Hello everyone, I will be running an achievement league at Comic Readers in Regina SK starting on October first. There will be a prize for best win/loss and for most achievement points. Also the prize for dead last may or may not be a wooden spoon and some miniatures. There will be a $5 entry fee to assist with prize support (I will also be donating some from my personal collection). I will be providing each player player that joins with a league pack starting the first week of the league. The league will run from October. 1st until December 1st. Address: 105 – 2125 11th AvenueCornwall Pr
  2. Sorry for the hiatus, started a new job and haven't had much free time. I am running malifaux demos from 6-9pm on Wednesday 8/12. Have someone showing up at 7 but other people are welcome to join in. Comic Readers Regina SK Canada https://comicreadersregina.wordpress.com/regina-downtown/
  3. Had 2 people email me for demos. Should be done those by 6PM but feel free to drop by earlier and watch if you are interested.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm running more demos on Thursday the 5th. I will be there from 430PM to whenever people want me to stay. Feel free to drop by, checkout the game and some pretty painted models. https://comicreadersregina.wordpress.com/regina-downtown/ 105 – 2125 11th Avenue Cornwall Professional Building Regina, SK S4P 3X3 Thanks for checking out the post and I hope to see some people there
  5. Hello everyone, I am currently running an intro to Malifaux league that starts up February 1st. This will be run at our local game store Comic Readers. Comic Readers Downtown - 105 – 2125 11th Avenue Cornwall Professional Building Regina, SK S4P 3X3 Here is the link to the league information thread: http://forums.saskgames.com/index.php?topic=4431.0 and the league sign up thread: http://forums.saskgames.com/index.php?topic=4432.0 As this is a beginners league, I will also be running demos for anyone who is interested in the game but wants to know more abou
  6. Demos went well. Have one player who really wants the hide and seek box when it comes out. Looking forward to running a league soon.
  7. Demo went really well, AJ had a good time and seems interested in the game.
  8. Hello Everyone, I am running demos tomorrow at our weekly boardgame and tabletop game night. Chewsday Challenge This is run at our local Boston Pizza starting at 6PM. Here is a link with the event details: http://forums.saskgames.com/index.php?topic=2043.0 Address: Boston Pizza, 545 Albert Street North, Regina, SK Thanks for checking us out.
  9. Hey unfortunately we had to cancel this demo. Family stuff came up. I will reschedule soon.
  10. Hello everyone, I will be running demos at my FLGS, Comic Readers, on December 7th. I have a demo scheduled for noon but feel free to drop by. If I can generate more interest I will stay longer but currently I plan on being there from noon to 2:30PM. Check out the link with the stores information. https://comicreadersregina.wordpress.com/regina-downtown/ Thanks for checking it out and happy gaming everyone!
  11. Hey Everyone, I am running a demo afternoon at our local con, the Prarie Game Expo. This is the first time Malifaux has been at our local convention so I hope people are excited to see a new game. Here is the event link: http://prairiegameexpo.wordpress.com/ Date: January 17th, 2015 Time: Con is 9am to 9pm: I'll be there noon to 6. City, State: Regina Saskatchewan Canada Location/Store: Core Ritchie Center 445 14th Avenue Thanks for checking the event out!
  12. This is a great idea. I've seen some great malifaux related tables on the facebook groups already. A dedicated thread on here would be a wonderful resource for fellow terrain crafters/ painters.
  13. Found a typo,Purfying instead of Purifying for Sonnia's totem. Its just missing an i. Thanks
  14. Hey everyone, My name is Mike. I'm 23 years old and live in Saskatchewan, Canada. I've been tabletop war gaming for the past 12 years and have been building scale model kits since I was 7. ( I sort of miss my old snap together kits). I played Malifaux 1.5 for about a month and then got engrossed in a warhammer league and my new Khador army for warmachine. Getting back in for M2E, my mini rulebook and 3 new crew boxes are on the way from miniature market. Played nico in 1.5 but the new guild sculpts were just too good to pass up, I have Sonnia, Lady J and the Ortegas to build up
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