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  1. I don't know if this has been answered before. Is it planned to keep the app updated? If so, do I have to buy the cards again when third Edition arrives?
  2. I needed a set of Tokens as well. It had to be as space-saving as possible, so I took an abstract approach to my tokens. Going through all encounters and schemes I compiled a list of tokens needed. Special terrain that needs tokens can only be flipped once, additional special terrain is always an environmental effect. Strategies 5x 30mm; You will be needing additional tokens per player for Evidence, Claim and Sabotage, as explained later. 1x 50mm 1x 3" by 3" Special Terrain 4x 30mm 2x 50mm 2x 3" by 3" I crafted them in two colors, white for strategy, orange for special terrain: Tokens referencing to a player (evidence, claim, sabotage and schemes) I made double-sided. One colored side with the faction logo an one white side showing the faction logo as well. I made 15 of these tokens per player. For effects like Poison, burning, etc. I opted to use colored dice.
  3. This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you!
  4. I wondered the same thing: Would it be possible to provide us with a downloadable version like Ratty did with the old crew creator? The creator on the Malifaux site is fantastic, sadly it won't load on my mobile phone.
  5. To be clear, I don't want a full rundown so I get away with not buying the rulebook and arsenal decks. Just a quick info on the extent of differences so I know if it would be ok to learn M2E by using the beta files or if the changes are so big that I should buy the updated materials before starting anew.
  6. A while ago I thought that Vassalfaux would be a great tool for battle reports. Wish more people doing those great reports would make screenshots while playing Vassal.
  7. Howdy! I have been out of the game for a while and got interested again by wave one of the beta. Beacause of a lack of players in my area I am reluctant to buy the book and three arsenal decks in addition to convincing my few fellow players to dig out their Malifaux miniatures and do the same. Here's where the beta comes in. Having these rules would be a wonderful way to test the overhauled mechanics and models, but it would be a shame to start playing with these rules to raise interest, just to see that newly learned things have changed again when buying the book. So I wondered how much the final book differs from the last iteration of the beta rules and stat cards.
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