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  1. Forgive the slight thread necroing, but no progress to report yet. I'm ashamed to say I've not touched Malifaux in quite some time (Warmachine got in the way), but I'm getting back into it and adding some new stuff to my Marcus crew. Regarding conversions and adding more characters, I'm considering using Oiran to represent Kitana and Jade, the weapons should match with just a little bit of modification. No idea how they synergise with Shenlong, but hey - this is about looks. Another idea I had was using the Through The Breach multikits (I'm gonna need those anyway) to convert an Erron Black lookalike. I'll probably use him as a Convict Gunslinger. I want to include Sonya Blade as well and I'll probably make her out of the multikit. I have no idea what kind of model she could represent though, suggestions are welcome! So in short, no real progress to report aside from new ideas, super happy to see the crew box coming out for GenCon. Due to personal economic crisis I seriously doubt I'll get it before it lands in stores though. Thank you for believing in me!
  2. You guys are the best. Thank you so much for all the kind words and suggestions. A top hat for the Kamaitachi is most likely (i.e definetly) happening. I just hope I can do my idea justice.
  3. Alright. Well, as I said I really don't know. I'll probably take the time to look through some character galleries and see what I can find. If not, I could just paint it up as some kind of demonic minion or similar I guess. I also thought of a way to include Liu Kang's really cool "Dragon fatality" - by converting and "blending" him into, the Dawn Serpent. It could work, I'm not sure.
  4. As for the Kamaitachi I have no idea honestly. It's supposed to be some kind of wind spirit, right?
  5. Thanks for kind words and suggestions. I might make the Peasants "full" characters too. I'll probably try to fit Baraka in there too, I'm not sure who I'll base him on though. As for Shenlong, I was thinking I could make him as a kind of "alternate" Shang Tsung, loosely based off of this: http://mkserver.ru/files/mkdcu/renders/ShangTsung_Black.jpg But I'm not sure. We'll see
  6. So this'll be my first proper post in this lovely place (I think, my account has been grossly inactive). So, as the sucker for tricky masters with steep learning curves that I am and given my recently discovered for martial arts... stuff, I am incredibly hyped for Shenlong. I've also fallen in love with the Mortal Kombat franchise and now I want to make a Mortal Kombat themed Shenlong crew, and this is where I need your help. I've got my sights on the crew box, and figured I'd make a Goro out of Sensei Yu, the High River Monks will all be one of the many pallette swapped ninjas (probably Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Smoke but nothing's really settled there). As for the peasants, I'll probably just keep them as peasants. Now, my remaining problem is the big man himself. I've yet to figure out a character that Shenlong would look good as. Keep in mind I am not looking to make immense, picture-perfect recreations of these kombatants, I just want to copy the look and feel and apply them to the Shenlong crew. I've also thought of using the Ten Thunders Brothers kit for characters like Kung Lao (the person with the incredible hat of course), and a few others. So. Thoughts? Suggestions? Merciless criticism against my harebrained idea? I'm fully aware that the models aren't out yet, but you know - Plan Ahead. (There's an action somewhere called Plan Ahead, right?)
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