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Found 19 results

  1. Hey there, some questions after my fourth play... 1. Does „Knowing Wind....“ always work? Just by standing next to Shenlong one is protected? 2. Why should I pick up the Burning or Poison condition? Is there any advantage? 3. Can I spawn Peasants „endlessly“? As long as one is alive to use Miracle? 4. What is the limit to Defence etc. if I choose Flow like water? 5. Can I choose upgrades through Monk of many styles up to the limit of three? So start with none and boost during the game? Thx for your help!
  2. Hi, we are Agent(s) of the Breach, a couple who are starting to play with Neverborn. We love to have a painting thread of every game we play because, not only It keeps us motivated, but also, it’s always interesting to have different points of view of the things you are working on and share ideas. So, please, feel free to comment or ask whatever you want, we’ll try to keep this updated At the moment, we’ve been focused on painting Zoraida’s box (testing colours and doing some brainstorming), so we don’t have much to show yet; only an (almost) finished Silurid. The idea is that the Silurid had to look as froggy as possibly, but with a spice of lizard in it. Like we said, it’s not finished yet; we want it to have a brown pattern in her back. Something like these: Usually, the base is the last that we (she, in this case) paint, but we wanted to see how it was going to look. It tries to be an autumn swampy zone. Seeing the photos, we have realized that it's a little dark, so we still have to work it a little more. Malifaux it’s a strange game; coming from Warhammer and Infinity, we are kinda used to paint “armys of”, but every single miniature here looks like a separate challenge. We’ll see how this work!
  3. Hi all, In the spirit of fixing things that are garbage, what would a good fix be for our favorite useless minion, the High River Monk? I was thinking of a zero stone upgrade much like the Low River Monks received which can play to their strengths and make them worth taking. Flaming Fists of the Dragon, 0ss Friendly Monks of High River's attacks ignores Armor when damaging an enemy model with the Burning condition. Simple and effective, putting more emphasis on both the synergy with Shenlong/Sensei Yu giving out Burning, and the HRM's own attacks being able to do something besides hit an armored model with pillows. Rail Golem's beware! What do you think? Do you have a better idea that works both thematically and realistically?
  4. I just picked up Shenlong and have been listening to the Schemes and Stones episode about him (A few times.) There seem to be a pretty good bit of interactions and rules that wouldn't come up often outside of playing Shenlong and some that seem to trip up even veteran players (Like conditions stacking from multiple sources being able to alter when a condition ends.) So what are some of the essential/ important interactions to be aware of both to optimize Shenlong play and make sure he is being played correctly?
  5. I love reading battle reports on these forum, and have stalked the report section of the forums frequently. I've wanted to try it out myself, but haven't taken the first step until now. This game is actually between two friends of mine, since I thought that I might as well have my full attention upon taking notes for the game the first time around, so I can become efficient enough to transcribe my own games in the future. A final note before we begin is that the only camera I carry is the one in my mobile, so the pictures won't have very high quality. Even getting good shots of the board (and the "action") proved really hard, so bear with me with this first try. I will strive to improve. Ten Thunders vs Resurrectionists - 50ss Deployment: Standard Strategy: Headhunter Schemes: Convict labor, Show of Force, Neutralize the Leader, Hunting Party & Frame for Murder With a very murder-intensive scheme pool, these were the crews that were chosen: Ten Thunders (played by Paradigm here on the forums): Shenlong - Wandering River Style Peasant Shadow Emissary - Conflux of Dawn Yamaziko Yin the Penangalan - Smoke Grenades 2 Ten Thunders Brothers (From here on named Knife-Bro and Kama-Bro du to their respective weaponry) Johana 5ss cache Schemes: Show of Force, Frame for Murder (Yamaziko) Somewhat of an anti-lure crew in Yin and Yamaziko, perhaps to deny any attempt at "head-fishing" via lures from the ressers. Resurrectionists: Nicodem -Corpse Bloat -Love thy Master Hayreddin Izamu the Armor Chiaki the Niece Rotten Belle Crooligan Yin the Penangalan Nurse 5ss cache Schemes: Frame for Murder (Hayreddin), Neutralize the Leader An efficient "factory-crew" for restoring early summons to peak efficiency before throwing them into the fray. Deployment: The Ten thunders win the first flip and forces the Resurrectionists to go first. Deployment of the Resurrectionists. From left to right; Crooligan (up by the box), Chiaki, Izamu, Belle, Nicodem, Nurse, Hayreddin, Yin Just wanted to show the converted Hayreddin that the resser-player made when Shifting Loyalties was released. A fine speciemen indeed! Ten Thunders deployment. From left to right; Kama-bro, Shadow Emissary, Shenlong, Peasant (behind the Tower), Yamaziko, Yin, Johanna and Knife-bro. The emissary is made from Sonni'as avatar, and I just want to point out that the light and my photography-skills are VERY unflattering to it right now since none of the darker parts of the flame seems to be visible in this light. Turn 1: Ten Thunders win initiative and have Resurrectionists go first. Shenlong summons a peasant after initiative. The crooligan activates first and then simply stays behind it's box, waiting for the right time to move. Yamaziko advances up towards the centre of the table, avoiding LoS to the Belle, and the uses the 0-action Brace. Nicodem follows, using corpse bloat and a high crow from hand to summon a hanged. He follows by making the Belle fast and walking a bit forward. The Yin on both sides advance. Knife-Bro enters the Dance of the Heavens, placing 3" before moving forward along the board. Hayreddin flies out into the street, and Johanna double walks towards the centre of the table. The nurse takes a walk and puts some sedatives into the Hanged, paralyzing it and healing it to full wounds. Kama-Bro walks up behind the corner of a nearby building. Chiaki walks and then promptly removes paralyzed from the Hanged. The non-slow peasant takes three focus actions (one as a 0-action from Shenlong). Izamu walks up to the other side of the building which Kama-Bro lurks behind. The second, slow Peasant gives focused to Shenlong. The Belle walks twice and manages to draw LoS to Kama-bro behind the corner for a quick lure, after which Kama-bro ends up near the street were the whole resser crew is gathering. Shenlong activates, takes focus and poison from his 0-action and the uses Mighty Gust to push Yin and the Emissary and gives them fast. He then walks up behind his crew. The Hanged uses Whispers from Beyond on Kama-bro, halving his wounds, and the black joker spoils the second attempt. The Emissary ends the turn discarding a card for focus, and then removes focus from the Peasant with the 0-action from conflux of Dawn, drawing three cards in the process. It then proceeds to walk forward twice and uses his ca-attack at the hanged, inflicting a severe damage of 6 with the trigger to attack again. The second attack finishes off the unfortunate undead, and the first head is dropped. This finishes turn 1, with the score (as expected) being 0-0 Positions at the end of turn one. Turn 2: Both crews spends a soulstone for cards, and the Resurrectionist wins the initiative. Izamu charges the now exposed Shadow Emissary and scores one hit which does 4 damage. The fast 10T Yin double walks forward and manages to put Gnawing Fears on Nicodem. The following Fear Behind the Eyes hits and the Black Joker pops up to spoil the damage flip. Chiaki walks closer and removes Gnawing Fears from Nicodem. Kama-bro places 3” with Dance of the Heavens, walks up to Hayreddin and goes defensive in order to tarpit him and preventing him from easily reaching the wounded emissary. Nicodem summons a punk zombie from the corpse marker dropped by the hanged and proceeds to make it fast. He then attacks 10T-Yin with Decay, but fails to hit. The Punk Zombie then activates via accomplice. The Punk Zombie flurries at 10T-Yin, inflicting 2 damage due to a miss and a Black Joker on damage. The last attack finishes of the nearby Kama-bro. Shadow Emissary pushes 10T-Yin and gives her fast, and then misses a shot at Izamu. Hayreddin charges the emissary and deals 2 damage and a single point of poison. Yamaziko charges Hayreddin, dealing 3 damage and then takes the Brace 0-action. The Nurse walks up and picks up a Head marker dropped from poor Kama-bro. Knife-bro uses Dance of the Heavens to place 3”, and walks up to stand before resser-Yin. Resser-Yin charges Knife-bro and inflicts 4 damage and 3 poison, and Knife-bro gets defensive from his trigger. A peasant walks and fails at Provide for the Temple at Shenlong. The hidden Crooligan interacts to place over the crate and walks up the centerline. The other peasant walks twice. The Belle walks forward and tries to lure a peasant who promptly resists her advances. An oath of celibacy perhaps? Shenlong walks and takes focus+defensive as a 0-action, and then fails to meet the target number in Mighty Gust twice due to unfortunate flips (the control hand was empty after having to cheat a lot in order to keep Yin and the Emissary alive) Johanna walks forward twice. Resurrectionists score a point for Headhunter while the Ten Thunders score for Show of Force. Resurrectionists 1 - Ten Thunders 1 The grand melee has begun in earnest. End of the 2nd turn. Yin and Knife-bro have their own little squabble above the rest. Turn 3 follows in the next post!
  6. Hi, does Shenlong need to have a limited upgrade attached to use the Monk of Many Styles action?
  7. Does the "Monk of Many Styles" action allow you to attach an upgrade, without discarding one already attached, or do you have to have one attached and discard it to get a new one?
  8. Sorry for the rant, but I'm desperate. Recently we've got a new player in our meta who exclusively plays Shenlong. And we're kind of stumped on how to deal with him. 1. Peasants give him two more activations than you for two points. If you kill one of the peasants, the new one is born the next turn for free, and you are not able to kill both in one turn due to LOS restraints. 2. Thunder Archers hit you ignoring LOS and melee twice a turn with ++ to attack and damage flips. And practically everything else always has + to attack and damage, and usually has straight flips even against defensive tech. 3. Izamu can be pushed 10" out of activation, then walk 4" then charge 9" and make three attacks for a total of 23" of threat. 4. Whenever Shenlong feels threatened, he has Defensive+2 or better and is able to heal 8 wounds a turn. And he has soulstones. I personally play Outcasts and have tried doing something with Misaki and Jack Daw. Misaki usually kills something not terribly relevant and then dies, Izamu kills Misaki or the second strongest model and then maybe dies to a retaliation, Jack just dies to archers ignoring LOS and having ++ to all flips. Our Guild player tried Sonnia and Hoffman with the same results - Peacekeeper dies to Izamu, Sonnia gets engaged by Shenlong and is unable to do anything productive. Our local Zoraida had some success with debuffing him, but still was not able to win once. Same thing goes for a Lynch player. Could you please advise me on his weak points, some things he might be vulnerable to, general strategic tips? What makes you lose when you play him? Thanks in advance.
  9. Shenlong's Stones on the River heals AND removes one Condition, but in what order? I'm guessing Shenlong chooses since it says AND instead of THEN, but I'm not sure about that.
  10. If Vasilisa puts the Sewn Lips condition on Shenlong what happens when Shenlong (who's Flow Like Water makes him immune to damage caused by conditions) tries to remove it at the beginning of his activation? 1) Shenlong is immune to damage caused by conditions so he removes Sewn Lips and suffers no damage. Sewn lips does not say take 1 damage to end this condition. I think the condition ends and deals 1 damage to Shenlong which he does not take because of his immunity, but I'm not incredibly confident of this answer, but being a TT player I might just be seeing the way I want to see it. 2) Shenlong is not able to remove the condition by taking a point of damage. If you interpret it as Shenlong must take 1 damage to remove the condition, but he is immune to the damage so he cannot take the damage, so the condition cannot be removed. Sewn Lips: After succeeding, the target gains the following Condition for the rest of the game: "Sewn Lips: This model may not take Tactical Actions other than Walk. This model may end this Condition by suffering 1 damage at the start of its Activation." Flow Like Water: This model is immune to damage caused by Conditions, and may choose not to lower the value of (or end) the Focused, Poison, and Burning Conditions during the Upkeep Step.
  11. As the title sais, I'm a new player. A friend of mine showed me the game and got me interested. I decided on going the eastern theme of the 10 Thunders and I like the way Shenlong looks. Our play will be balanced around 50SS. I drafted the following crew for myself: Shenlong Misdirection Recalled Training Wandering River Style Sensei Yu Promising Disciple The Lone Swordsman Recalled Training Katanaka Sniper Monk of High River x2 Peasant I would swap out the second High River Monk with a Sniper whenever I have a good map for them. Now I'm a bit stuck on what I would all need to buy. My friend only has the Lady Justice box and that's it. What I think I need: Shenlong Box Katanaka Sniper duo box The Lone Swordsman box Fate Deck However, now I don't know where I can get Misdirection and Recalled Training. I looked around on the internet a bit, but I can't find a box that contains both of these. Any help on that? Comments on the crew are welcome as well. I was thinking of eventually getting an Izamu, but I have no idea on who to switch out of him.
  12. So.......I fancy having a dabble with Shenlong. I'll obviously buy the crew box, but wondered what you guys suggested I buy alongside it to have a play around with? I know the crew will always depend on schemes, but to allow me to try and get to grips with the mechanics I could do with a core crew to start with. What do you reckon?
  13. Like I needed more excuses to want to buy Shenlong, I'll gladly take a chance to get the Promo Katanaka! My only reason question is, new items are normally released later in the month (As far as I understand), and it mentions in the promo page that it may contain the new model. If I were to ask a local store to order me the new Shenlong box, how sure could I be that it would be in the box? I don't have any stores around me that order Wyrd regularly on their own, so typically if I ask them to order, it is implied that I will be the one purchasing said special order. So while I love the idea of the promo, I would at least like to know if there were a way to make sure it was going to go through, or if I would be better off looking for a slightly further away store that may have higher volume of Malifaux business.
  14. Is there any ruling on how the interaction between models that remove immunity to Burning/Poison work with Shenlong who is immune to damage from Condition and not the Conditions themselves?
  15. So this'll be my first proper post in this lovely place (I think, my account has been grossly inactive). So, as the sucker for tricky masters with steep learning curves that I am and given my recently discovered for martial arts... stuff, I am incredibly hyped for Shenlong. I've also fallen in love with the Mortal Kombat franchise and now I want to make a Mortal Kombat themed Shenlong crew, and this is where I need your help. I've got my sights on the crew box, and figured I'd make a Goro out of Sensei Yu, the High River Monks will all be one of the many pallette swapped ninjas (probably Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Smoke but nothing's really settled there). As for the peasants, I'll probably just keep them as peasants. Now, my remaining problem is the big man himself. I've yet to figure out a character that Shenlong would look good as. Keep in mind I am not looking to make immense, picture-perfect recreations of these kombatants, I just want to copy the look and feel and apply them to the Shenlong crew. I've also thought of using the Ten Thunders Brothers kit for characters like Kung Lao (the person with the incredible hat of course), and a few others. So. Thoughts? Suggestions? Merciless criticism against my harebrained idea? I'm fully aware that the models aren't out yet, but you know - Plan Ahead. (There's an action somewhere called Plan Ahead, right?)
  16. Howdy folks, I finally got in my first game with the Shenlong yesterday. Turf War LitS, Bodyguard, Distract, Vendetta, Deliver a Message Standard Deployment Up against Arcanists. I brought Shenlong w/ Recalled Training, Low River Style 1 Peasant Sensei Yu w/ Promising Disciple, Blot The Sky Lone Swordsman w/ Recalled Training 2 Thunder Archers 2 Bros I went up against Ramos, Brass, Joss, Mech Rider, Johan with all the fun upgrades. I picked Bodyguard for Yu and Line in the Sand. I kept Shen, Yu, Peasants and archers in the middle, Swordsman off to one side and a bro on each flank. I tried to keep the archers in range of both Shen and Yu for the (0) focus, bonus when focusing and Blot the Sky. With all the armor, I couldn't get much damage through normally, so I relied on blasts from the archers and High River Style. I had to focus and cheat damage, but killing 2-3 spiders with one attack (and finishing off Johan later on) was pretty great. Lone Swordsman got into a fight with Joss and I lucked out winning initiative next turn, so I popped Recalled Training and gave him Reactivate with a 13 tome in my hand. He nailed Joss and almost got Johan, but Johan got first activation and flurried him down. The Thunder Bros were incredible, dropping 2 schemes each at the midline and protecting them. We ended up going 7 turns and tied 10-10. I struggled with a few things and was hoping I could get some input. 1) Yu spent almost the whole game stacking focus from Airburst then later using Mighty Gust from Wandering River Style to push and pass out Fast to the Swordsman or Archers. I felt like walking was a waste of AP. Is that how Yu rolls or am I missing something? 2) What should I do about armor? Lone Swordsman has that tome trigger and cheating damage is easy with focus everywhere, but is there something else? 3) Wandering River and High River seem like standout styles, with Low River being more situational. What's Fermented River good for? I think that's all for now. Thanks.
  17. Hey all, I've been working on a proxy crew for Shenlong. After Crossroads came out, I was hooked on his fluff, playstyle, and genuine awesomeness. So I started scrounging together a proxy crew to use in casual games. Miniatures are from the Bushido, L5R Clan War, or Hasselfree line. I'm still thinking of what to use for Peasants, Kamatachi. I've got my Katakana Snipers on my desk currently, but they'll look quite different from these brightly colored tattooed men. The Crew--(thus far) Monks of the High River Sensei Yu Shenlong C&C appreciated. For the purists out there, I will of course be purchasing the crew and all Shenlong related miniatures when they become available. In the event that Shenlong goes the way of the Brewmaster (which I also am very excited about), I just wanted to have a way to represent the crew for games. Thanks for looking.
  18. Monks of high river are rare 3 so I do not think Wyrd will do a separate pack of them. I want them for Mei Feng but if I am getting a master might as well find out what people think of him and monks as a whole. Monks of the fermented river look like fun as well. What do people think about the 3 river monks that have rules? How well do they work with masters other the Shenlong? How much different is Shenlong play from Mei Feng? Which style do you use with him the most? Is Sensei Yu worth taking with out Shenlong?
  19. This just recently came to me whilst reading a battle report on the avatars forum, and has sparked a little debate in my head and with my housemate aswell. Shenlong's 0 ability Monk of Many Styles reads: (0) Monk of Many Styles: Choose a Limited Upgrade with the Restriction of Shenlong. If another friendly model has the chosen Upgrade attached, discard it. This model may discard a Limited Upgrade it has attached to attach the chosen Upgrade. Now i've always read this as if you're the Shenlong player and you have Upgrade (a) attached, and you choose Upgrade (b ) then you have to discard upgrade (a) to be able to attach (b ) However, i also read it as if you don't have a limited upgrade to discard, you cannot attach the chosen upgrade (b ) What i'm trying to say, is that the way i'm reading it is one unique case. You MAY discard a lmited upgrade to be able to attach the new chosen upgrade, but if you don't have a limited upgrade to discard, you have no way of attaching the new chosen upgrade because you can't fulfill that part of the ability. My housemate is saying that he's reading it as two unique case in that you a) may discard limited upgrade then b ) attach new chosen upgrade Basically, i'm saying the latter is reliant on the former. Thoughts?
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