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  1. Just got home and found my Bushwhackers box delivered for Mah Tucket in January. Bonus: While putting away all the Christmas stuff I found a game box which had my old Perdita and Lilith boxes; The Ortegas are put together and based but the Lilith box hasnt been touched. Guess I have more stuff to do. - Gertz
  2. Hey there Any retailers in the West Denver area keep Malifaux stocked? Ive been to a few places now and nothing, There are two retailers listed in Aurora which is about 40 minutes from me but one of them has been out of business for awhile now. - Gertz
  3. Kind of signed up in the January thread but Ill make sure its recorded here as well Sign me up as a Minion for the year, lets see how this goes - Gertz
  4. Hey everyone Somewhat new to Malifaux, made a few purchases in 2012 but have moved about 5 times since and never got around to painting the Perdita and Lilith boxes I got and now cant find them. I got the Army Painter big box for Christmas and decided to jump back in and buy a faction box. To help stay on track Im signing up here at a minion level to keep me motivated to paint at least one model a month. First up for January...Mah Tucket which I guess since its a master will count as 15SS. Pictures incoming once I get the post on Jan 3rd. - Gertz
  5. Agreed, if I wasn't the only one with crews right now, but it seems that I will be teaching a few people how to play and want to be able to provide a variety...personally I will probably stick with Guild and expand there but who knows. At least this lets me try a bit of each faction and lets my friends try a little of each faction to see if they want to invest in it.
  6. Well I used to use Micro Machines to play Car Wars when I was a kid but I think Warhammer was probably my first, followed closely by Blood Bowl. I was looking to get back into miniatures but didn't want the expense of another Games Workshop game. I found this game looking for a good low cost of entry skirmish game.
  7. Thanks! What are some other good Crews to expand with? I was thinking of getting Seamus, Rasputina and Ophelia...not sure though...looking to get a crew in each faction.
  8. The Lady J box will likely be my next purchase along with the Enslaved Nephilim and Abuela Ortega. Not sure what to do to expand the Lilith Box though
  9. Thanks for the replies They seemed like a natural "vs." combo to pick up and after reading up a bit both seemed like good intro boxes with enough variety to expand upon later. Ive sent enough money to Games Workshop in the past that enough is enough, there may be a time when I decide to play again but it will be limited to Blood Bowl (just need to paint my Chaos Dwarf team), Space Hulk (think ill leave it shrink wraped and ebay it in a few years) and if they decide to support Necromunda and/or Mordheim again. -Gertz
  10. Hi from Las Vegas! Looking forward to my first order arriving so I can pit Perdita vs Lilith -Gertz
  11. Hi everyone I just bit the bullet and ordered the Perdita and Lilith boxes and two Fate Decks...I did spend 2 hours driving around Las Vegas looking for them and couldn't find anything. I was going to get Perdita and Lady J so I had some options for myself but I don't know anyone at work that plays Malifaux yet and I want to be able to bring them both in and show people. (They all play Warhammer 40K and I dont want to invest in it) Looking forward to posting some painting in the near future...now just to find a place that sells Vallejo paints. - Gertz
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