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  1. I always appreciate the Nightmare crews and this one is no exception. Depending on paint scheme, these could truly be things of Nightmare...
  2. Although the wisps provide options to a number of crews do people not find they are a little squishy to be reliable in many of these instances. I have often found that my wisps are either doing their jobs once and then being targetted down or finding themselves more and more out of position for being useful in the majority of my crews. They are ace when left alone, but the moment my opponent is aware of what they do I find I struggle to keep them in one piece.
  3. Hi there everyone, I've just started playing with a Seamus crew and have been trying to work out how the companion rule works to allow several bells to activate simultaniously, I just can't seem to work it out, but people keep saying it's possible. This is my problem. The companion rule says that when you companion you nominate any number of refrenced model(s) or model(s) with the corresponding characteristic within 6" of one another. So - the bells have Companion (Sybell) but Sybell does not have Companion (Bell). To me this reads that a bell may companion as many Sybells within 6" as possible, but why can other Bells activate. The model that gets to simultaniously activate is defined by the model named/type in brackets after the companion rule and no where, and no matter how I read it can I see that you can companion multiple models with the same companion rule if the model named/type of model in brackets is not theirs. For example: If the Rotting Bells had Companion (Bell) then all models of Bell type (including Sybell) within 6" chaining the activation along the line as neccessary. If Sybell has Companion (Bell) a Rotting Bell could companion Sybell using their rule, then Sybell could chain to all bells within 6" using her companion rule. But as it stands I read this as a Bell can companion Sybell but here it stops. I just can't see anything that lets you select multiple models with the same companion rule and activate them at the same time - it is the model type/named in brackets that can be companioned. Any assistance is gratefully recieved, I've read through the companion threads I could see easily and havn't found an answer.
  4. Just to check, can Kirai use Sooth Spirit and Absorb Spirit on herself?
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