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  1. Nicodem

    kneeling samurai

    Hey is it just me but isn't the kneeling samuri a bit out of scale?
  2. Nicodem

    The Carver

    Hello, i have the old metal carver but i don't have a seconed ed card where can i get a proper card for him from because its not in the wave 2 neverborn deck which is where i thought it would be? Many thanks Nicodem
  3. Nicodem

    In defence of inocence

    Hey, i was just wondering what is going on with the defence of inocence book stock in the uk. When are we gunna have them hit our island? I am really looking forward to the book but it's getting a bit depressing the release date constantly moving latter and latter
  4. Nicodem

    Here Be Dragons - 31st Jan 2015 Cardiff - 14/16 Places Sold

    Andrew Carr - Bacon and Chicken please no pesto.
  5. Nicodem

    Confused about M2E Hoarcat Pride

    Where does it say that 1 on a base is legal please?
  6. Nicodem

    Here Be Dragons - 31st Jan 2015 Cardiff - 14/16 Places Sold

    Has anyone decided on what faction they are going to take yet?
  7. Nicodem

    Here Be Dragons - 31st Jan 2015 Cardiff - 14/16 Places Sold

    PM'd re a friends booking
  8. Nicodem

    New source book

    The one that has an advert in the latest wyrd cronical.
  9. Nicodem

    New source book

    Hi Does anyone know when the new book will be out in the uk? Nicodem
  10. Nicodem

    Here Be Dragons - 31st Jan 2015 Cardiff - 14/16 Places Sold

    When will the stratagies and schemes be fixed?
  11. Nicodem

    Malifaux rats

    Chears ZeeBlee, unfortunatelly i haven't yet got the crossroads book but i like what you have come up with. Could someone with the book let me have the info from crossroads on the Malifaux rat so i can pull this profile together please?
  12. Nicodem

    Malifaux rats

    Hello there, i need some help please. I am using the normal combat system instead of M2E and I am trying to come up with a profile for a Malifaux rat. Has anyone come up with one? Many thanks Nicodem
  13. How do abilities such as sprint work if your not using malifaux rules if you see what i'm asking. Has anyone done a video on combat and that side of TTB?
  14. Nicodem

    Proofreading/House Rules/Errata

    With slice and dice the 11 is against a targeted player i beleave ret with defence, then if they fluff it the 13 comes into use if you see what i mean? I am not an expert but i think thats what happens. Nicodem
  15. Nicodem

    Beastillary for TTB

    Hi there, i hope the designers find this post and take a little advice onboard. When the beastillary is done please make sure the profiles from the GM book are put into the beastillary because for Deathwatch rpg they weren't and it is a pain in the ass them not being in there. The other thought i had was if the books could be done as say reser beasties with the generic profiles for comoners then a seperate book for neverborn and again generic etc. The reason i think this would work is as a fatemaster you could bring to your setion just the book that has say the reser stuff when your doing a reser campagin, does that make sence? Nicodem