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  1. I have a rules question about what happens when you replace one model with two and two models with one and blight tokens. Let's take the Coryphee Duet as the example, if the duet has 3 blight tokens, then splits up - then only one of the Coryphee gets the blight Then when they recombine, the blight tokens only get transferred back if it is the Coryphee with the blight that gets replaced? I thought you weren't supposed to be able to get rid of tokens?
  2. Maybe the zombies spend the game attacking eachother?
  3. That would be way too strong for stitched togethers - with gamble your life, they would be able to know what card they would flip for it
  4. Kaime

    Widow weaver

    Seems pretty strong to me to pay 8ss for a henchman that can summon 6ss models.
  5. I usually make the crew in advance, simply because I dont want to carry all of my Malifaux models around at once. Last tournament i played in (Just a club one) we had to bring a single crew with a minor sideboard, but we're probably going to go with two full lists from now on.
  6. Ive heard the same thing and its a great book, read it years ago
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