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  1. UK based, only looking to sell. Assembled plastic Vik crew Assembled metal Leveticus crew Assembled metal Nicodem crew Assembled plastic Hoffman crew (minus 1 hunter and watcher) Metal Bishop Plastic Hans Metal convict gunslinger Any interest, PM me!
  2. ajay29

    WTS mix of old/new Outcasts

    Edited again for sold
  3. ajay29

    WTS mix of old/new Outcasts

    Edited for sold
  4. Sorted by crew/miscellaneous:Hamelin- hamelin and 11 rats (painted, only 3 are malifaux rats), 3 stolen, 2 rat catchers, obedient wretch and nix (undercoated)Leveticus - Leveticus, rusty Alyce, 3 waifs, 6 abominations(all bare)Von Schill - librarian (bare), flamethrower (bare), Lazarus (plastic and badly posed haha)Viktorias - new plastic crew complete and bareOthers- metal desperate merc, plastic Hans, metal gunslinger convict, metal Sue, metal Bishop.(Unless stated as plastic, all miniatures are metal. All have new ME2 cards) literally looking to get rid due to needing the space, will sell for knock down prices, based in UK
  5. ajay29

    Help with Hannah

    Weird, I went on the page with all Ratty's uploaded instructions and that one didn't show up (maybe mobile problem...) But thank you, that certainly clears it up!
  6. ajay29

    Help with Hannah

    So I bought the new Hannah yesterday (not the TTB one, the new regular one). Cracked open the box and holy cr*p that's a lot of bits! Like, and entire crew size spruce of individual pieces, cogs, fingers, gubbins and atoms (more or less). Are there any instructions for her yet? I did a search and couldn't find jack, bit nervous to start assembling her with only the render on the back of the box to refer to...
  7. Trying to get rid of a job lot of resser metals - Alt Nicodem Mortimer 3 x punk zombie Rogue necromancy All assembled and bare (except Mortimer who's black undercoated) Will consider any reasonable offer for the whole lot, based in the UK
  8. ajay29

    H; December Acolyte W; Slurid/Waldgeist

    Yeah no problem I can get a slurid card! I'll PM you bud
  9. ajay29

    H; December Acolyte W; Slurid/Waldgeist

    Cool, let me know!
  10. ajay29

    H; December Acolyte W; Slurid/Waldgeist

    UK sorry buddy, think the postage wouldn't make it worth it! Thanks anyway!
  11. I have a single December Acolyte still on sprue with base and card, looking to trade it for a single Slurid or Waldgeist (preferably still on sprue with base/card). Also, its the Acolyte with her hand behind her back and the harpoon gun pointing straight downwards!
  12. So if the ratcatcher had killed the slurid from the above example, then the rat would pop first? Ok cool, got it now, thanks guys
  13. So to clarify using my example - The neverborn player was the first player, therefore Juju would pop first as neither Juju nor the rat are active or defending model so it goes straight to first players models? Thanks for the answer!
  14. Quick question - A slurid with blight and within 6" of a rat catcher is killed. Bad Juju is buried and chooses to unbury. Which gets placed first, the summoned rat or Bad Juju unburying? Nearest thing we could find in the rulebook was if simultaneous unburying happens then the first player goes first, but couldn't see anything about an unbury and a summon at the same time. Cheers
  15. I have 2 individual Coryphee, assembled on scenic bases, that I'm a little reluctant to sell but I can't be bothered ripping them apart to magnetise so that they can be a duet too. The things seem to be like gold dust (has anyone seen this on ebay? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Malifaux-Arcanists-Coryphee-NEW-/351114112088?pt=UK_Toys_Wargames_RL&hash=item51c0082c58) [that's not mine by the way] PM me with reasonable offers, I can put up/send pics later today after work hours.