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  1. So in case anyone is interested we cobbled some rules together to make it as easy as possible - Points - 25 each (master and totems still free). No models more than 9 points (I just feel in smaller point games things like Mad Dog or Riders will be unmanageable) Deployment - modified Corner deployment (12” corners, spaces between 3 deployment zones moved to create equidistant areas) Strategy - Turf War (works regardless of positioning, may be a slight advantage to one/two teams with closest markers but that’ll sort itself out) Schemes - Assassinate, Det
  2. Not sure if this is the place for it, but are there any ideas/rules for 3 player games? or even just best strats/schemes to facilitate it? We’ve got an awkwardly numbered gaming group, and rather than leave one person out I’m trying to figure out a way to incorporate everyone.
  3. Replying for interest in a tactica... Returning player, never played Lynch and crew before, interested in learning how the new stuff plays!
  4. UK based, only looking to sell. Assembled plastic Vik crew Assembled metal Leveticus crew Assembled metal Nicodem crew Assembled plastic Hoffman crew (minus 1 hunter and watcher) Metal Bishop Plastic Hans Metal convict gunslinger Any interest, PM me!
  5. Sorted by crew/miscellaneous:Hamelin- hamelin and 11 rats (painted, only 3 are malifaux rats), 3 stolen, 2 rat catchers, obedient wretch and nix (undercoated)Leveticus - Leveticus, rusty Alyce, 3 waifs, 6 abominations(all bare)Von Schill - librarian (bare), flamethrower (bare), Lazarus (plastic and badly posed haha)Viktorias - new plastic crew complete and bareOthers- metal desperate merc, plastic Hans, metal gunslinger convict, metal Sue, metal Bishop.(Unless stated as plastic, all miniatures are metal. All have new ME2 cards) literally looking to get rid due to needing the space, will s
  6. Weird, I went on the page with all Ratty's uploaded instructions and that one didn't show up (maybe mobile problem...) But thank you, that certainly clears it up!
  7. So I bought the new Hannah yesterday (not the TTB one, the new regular one). Cracked open the box and holy cr*p that's a lot of bits! Like, and entire crew size spruce of individual pieces, cogs, fingers, gubbins and atoms (more or less). Are there any instructions for her yet? I did a search and couldn't find jack, bit nervous to start assembling her with only the render on the back of the box to refer to...
  8. Trying to get rid of a job lot of resser metals - Alt Nicodem Mortimer 3 x punk zombie Rogue necromancy All assembled and bare (except Mortimer who's black undercoated) Will consider any reasonable offer for the whole lot, based in the UK
  9. Yeah no problem I can get a slurid card! I'll PM you bud
  10. UK sorry buddy, think the postage wouldn't make it worth it! Thanks anyway!
  11. I have a single December Acolyte still on sprue with base and card, looking to trade it for a single Slurid or Waldgeist (preferably still on sprue with base/card). Also, its the Acolyte with her hand behind her back and the harpoon gun pointing straight downwards!
  12. So if the ratcatcher had killed the slurid from the above example, then the rat would pop first? Ok cool, got it now, thanks guys
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