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  1. Ahoy! So I stopped playing 1.5 around book 2, just no local interest except one opponent who I played week in and week out BUT with M2E there's been a bit of a resurgence locally and we have 4-5 locals playing again. That being said, I missed out on the DF Masters the first time around and M2E is my first experience with them. Referencing page 72 it says they count as both factions for hiring, but can only take upgrades from who you announce. So i'm reading it correctly that Zoraida (Neverborn/Gremlin) could hire Bad JuJu, a handful of siliruids, and then 4 gremlins? (Points allowing, obviously) But if I announced Neverborn as my faction before the game the only restriction would be she could take Neverborn upgrades? This may be a 'duh' question, I think i'm just trying to make it more complicated that it seems.
  2. The game is only really similar to Mordheim in the fact that it's skirmish level. I'd say the amount of terrain is comparable. At least that's what we use at our local gaming club since we had a lot of mord terrain left over as well. 3x3 sized table is what we use. 25ss is the recommended starting point, but basically any starter box falls into size game. Criid and Ramos will play fine. Criid will seem slightly more powered up at first since she's the Guild's anti-magic master. Graduating from there towards two of the more advanced crews (Kirai and Colette) will allow you to try some more tricks as opposed to straight forward blasting/melee. Starter purchase list seems fine.
  3. I think a lot of it is based on the fact that to be effective the FK need to group up. If they didn't have the ability then they could get wiped out fairly quickly.
  4. I try to make GenCon and GameCon Memphis every year. I'd love to get in with some Malifaux events at either one.
  5. Yeah. The dreaded iPhone miniature shots. I'll see about getting some better detail shots up.
  6. A few of us have recently decided to re-invogorate our old 40k blog and i've used this opportunity to talk about Malifaux since i'm really trying to up local interest in this great game. Here's a link to my first post since the face-lift and I used it to show of my Rasuptina crew http://www.thehogsofwar.com/2011/02/cheating-fate.html Enjoy! Sorry for the photo quality, I don't have a lightbox set up. Yet.
  7. I like the Exy's happy trail. Is that wrong?
  8. Can't wait to check it out. I think city boards are fantastic looking on the tabletop.
  9. Ah, it did seem strange. Will know it going forward though.
  10. Ah, thank you. This game up pre-game. I thought they still counted as Mercs because they had the 'merc' type in their description. I didn't realize they lost that characteristic when hired by an Outcast master. Thanks for the quick feedback.
  11. Since the wagon magically moves every turn, I don't think anyone will begrudge you without a horse on the base
  12. Ty all for the warm welcomes.
  13. Arkansas. Trust me. A lot of people get that wrong. Anyways, been playing Malifaux for about 6-8 months and really enjoy it. Look forward to being a bigger part of the community.
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