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  1. facie

    Lucius - New Player Seeking Advice

    Thanks! I'm checking into all of these.
  2. facie

    Lucius - New Player Seeking Advice

    Oh, I guess I should have said that. I'm purchasing everything. So far all I have is the 2 player starter kit and the Sonnia crew box.
  3. facie

    Lucius - New Player Seeking Advice

    Totally understand your point. I suppose I'm asking for a good balanced initial list. I fully realize there is no "uber list" in this game.
  4. I'm brand new at Malifaux (learned at Origins) and am thinking about building around Lucius. After the recent errata, can folks with more experience a solid 50ss build? I'm not asking folks to do my work for me, but the choices in this game are sort of overwhelming for a new player! I need some focus from folks who have been playing for a bit! Thanks!
  5. Hey, is this still the case? TTS's web site is terrible and their FB group isn't much better. :-)
  6. facie

    Origins Shout Out

    Kai - I'm glad you saw this and I hope some folks at Wryd give you appropriate props! Viral marketing works. As a result of your interaction with me, there are four new players (whom I'm sucking in). Pass the kool-aid please . . ..
  7. facie

    Origins Shout Out

    Well, I wanted to focus on learning the game with some friends to start with. So, after buying the 2 player starter box, I got Sonnia and Lilith. That way I can use the starter a bit better. But, to be honest, I have my eyes on other crews already! But, I think I may focus on The Guild to begin with. I'm from Texas and we like Cowboys. :-)
  8. Thanks! That's what I was asking. If I start spending money on Neverborn and Guild, I don't want to figure out after a hundred dollars or more that the faction isn't competitive at some level!
  9. facie

    Origins Shout Out

    New player here. I wanted to give a public shout out to the folks who ran demos at Origins last week. I've never played Malifaux before. After a fantastic demo from Andy (didn't catch his last name, but he got second in the tournament on Saturday), I bought into the game. Now, my friends have too. [insert evil laugh here]. Kai, who works for Wryd I think, was fantastic. He spent 30 mins with me going through the various Crews and telling me how they played and what worked well together. THANK YOU!
  10. Thanks! Right now, I'm focused on just learning the game and mechanics (as opposed to building combos), so sounds like that's the way to go. The notion that every single leader for your declared faction is available to you in a tournament is a bit intimidating. It get that it makes the game interesting and more chess like for veteran players, but man it's not new player friendly at all! Bigger picture, assuming I build off these two factions, are they competitive in the overall meta? From what I'm hearing on podcasts and reading on the web, it seems like all factions are very viable and it comes down to the schemes/strats and one's ability to play to them in a given match up. Is that correct?
  11. I learned to play at Origins last week and fell in love. I just got the 2 player starter box. I'm wrapping my head around how the soul stone points work. I'm not asking about faction advice per se, but would love to know what leaders would work with the starter models. My thought is to buy two basic crews, round them out with the starters and play my buddy. Once we get our heads around mechanics, I'm sure we'll go full in with building squads. What would folks recommend to go along with the two starter squads. Thanks!