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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Wyrdos, We are speaking to you all from the past (because we’re writing this a few days in advance – time travel!) to inform you all that there’s no Waldo’s Weekly this week. Well, not really. We are at the Origins Game Fair from today, Wednesday the 8th, until Sunday the 12th, where we’re showcasing all our awesome games and their latest releases. Are you headed to Origins? Find us in the Exhibit Hall in booth 820, and booth 1408 in the Play Hall. We’d love for you to stop by! We’ll see you there! Or… we’ll see you when we get back. Until then, we wanted you to witness something inky:
  2. New player here. I wanted to give a public shout out to the folks who ran demos at Origins last week. I've never played Malifaux before. After a fantastic demo from Andy (didn't catch his last name, but he got second in the tournament on Saturday), I bought into the game. Now, my friends have too. [insert evil laugh here]. Kai, who works for Wryd I think, was fantastic. He spent 30 mins with me going through the various Crews and telling me how they played and what worked well together. THANK YOU!
  3. Hello everyone, I absolutely love everything about Wyrd models. Love the lore/fluff, love the detailed and artistic sculpts, and I love the names they give. Addressing the last point, I think it’s so clever that Wyrd frequently finds amazing folklore/historical namesakes for some of their characters. I have been researching some of the names for fun and have found a couple lovely discoveries. I wanted to post my findings and share the giggles with others. In addition, I hope to have some help in my quest. There are a couple missing finds and I would love your help if you all have any insight. Guild Nellie Cochrane Nellie Bly Pheona Guage Phineas Gage Allison Dade ? Resurrectionist Reva Revenant Vincent St. Clare Vincent Sinclair Archie ? Draugr Again-walker Goryo Vengeful Japanese ghosts Achanist Sandeep Desai ? Banasuva ? Kudra ? Amina Naidu ? Carlos Vasquez ? Shastar Vidiya Guard ? Neverborn Titania Midsummer Night's Dream Fai Fairy Aeslin ? Bandersnatch Through the Looking-Glass Will o” the Wisp foolish fire Rougarou werewolf Outcast Parker Barrows Bonnie and Clyde Doc Mitchell ? Mad Dog Brackett Beast with a Gun "Brackett is no mad-dog killer" Italian mobster from Milan Wokou Raider Wokou Gremlins Zipp ? Earl Burns ? Akaname Demon from Japanese folklore Ten Thunders Asami Tanaka ? Amanojaku heavenly evil spirit creature in Japanese folklore Ohaguro custom of dyeing one's teeth black Yōkai supernatural monsters Terracotta clay-based ceramic Sun Quiang Chinese darts player Yasunori ? Nightmare: The Wild Ones Iggy pup Iggy pop Rollins Black Henry Rollins Elli & Pattie Ramones Ramones Siblings Cherri Bomb Hey Violet
  4. Anybody know if there's going to be a Malifaux tournament at Origins this year? I remember seeing a post about it, but so far in the events all I'm finding are demos.
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