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  1. Hotpants

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I, personally, don't like buying retconed cards when you guys need to alter the balance of a model. Most people use some form of army builder now anyways so why not just keep all the points there? It's not necessary for play once the game starts.
  2. Hotpants

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Wyrd, take a look at what fantasy flight is doing with the points values of the ships and the app in xwing. No points are printed on the physical card but they are represented in the app. This allows points alterations for game balance without having to print out new cards.
  3. Hotpants

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Is the plan for the new models to be pre assembled or the multipart kits that we currently have? Please don't go the pre assembled route...
  4. Hotpants

    Zorida + Mature assassination

    Anyone tried this? Willowisp summons a voodoo doll which hems a mature nephilim that has been drugged by a nurse for the +2 damage. Zorida interacts twice with the doll pushing the mature 12 then obeys it to charge. Does the obey get around the clause in hallucinogens that says this model can only declare walk actions? If so it looks like a nasty surprise.
  5. Hotpants

    Collodi, Zoraida and Luciius - too similar?

    Colloid also has a friendly 'obey' that can be used on any model (not just puppets) for multiple attack actions if you have the suits and don't mind pinging your own models for 2 damage. Now that I think about it, this will work great on models with black blood that splash damage then attack. Maybe ill give a mature neph a run with colloid. Shoot him in the back for 2 damage armor reduces it to one, black blood splashes for 1 on the enemy, mature swings at positive flip with minimum 4 damage.
  6. So I picked up the Dark Carnival and have absolutely no desire to play arcanists and now have to find uses for the awesome models in my Neverborn. I'm interested in what you folks think and whether or not these proxies would be allowed in a tournament setting. Cooper as Lynch. Maybe add a holstered pistol and/or hat. Lizzy and Mercury would be performers or beckoners for Lynch/Collodi. Flying monkeys would be Silirids. Mannequins would upgrade to Coryphe. I can't think of an obvious use for Lola. Suggestions? Maybe make her/him/it another beckoners and find another use for Mercury. Thoughts, ideas, rotten tomatoes because its a horrible idea?
  7. Hotpants

    Models from the starter box thoughts

    Dreamer makes minions fast... fast bloodwreches cycle alot of cards.
  8. Hotpants

    The Web Store is Open

    Got mine in too. First time I've ever seen state and county (and its not even the county I live in) taxes on an online order. Is this a new thing? Taxes turned out to be more than shipping.
  9. Hotpants

    Huggy and betrayal

    Cool, glad the consensus is that it applies to terrifying. It means you can be supper aggressive with huggy (or any terrifying model) and dare the enemy to attack you with the possibility of being paralyzed.
  10. Hotpants

    Huggy and betrayal

    If huggy discards the betrayal upgrade to give enemies that target him with actions negative flips to all duels affect the terrifying duel they have to take prior to the action? Thanks.
  11. Hotpants

    Kry Wolfe painting

    I've been looking for a good greyish wood recipe and yours looks great. Mind sharing the colors you used?
  12. Hotpants

    Limited editions and other stuff for sale.

    Bump and edited to remove items that have been sold.
  13. Hotpants

    Limited editions and other stuff for sale.

    I'm in the U.S.
  14. Time to clean out the closet. All Items are metal, unassembled, and do not have 2E stat cards unless otherwise stated. Looking for paypal and will consider all resonable offers. PM me if your interested. I also have several privateer press models I need to get rid of, mainly cryx, cygnar, and retribution if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking. Santana Ortega Kaeris Steamborg Executioner Rotten belle x 3 Ramos Alt Bette Noir Alt Rafkin Primordial magic Punk zombie x 3 Arcane effigy Onryo x 2 Nicodem Alt Nicodem Ikyro Mortimer Simulacrum 29 Avatar Zorida Crooked men x 3 Coppelius Young neph Mature neph Terror tot x 2 Silurid x 3 Lilith Alt (assembled) Nekima (assembled) Gaki x 2 painted but not based Datsueba painted but not based Illuminated x 1 Desperate merc female
  15. Hotpants

    shenlong and powerful chi

    Does the powerful chi ability mean that shenlong can do two (0) actions a turn? Or does the powerful chi count as his one and only (0)? Thanks.