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Made In Japan


Children stopped coming into the toy store to look at the toys and play after the big, pink teddy bear was brought to life. That made the teddy bear sad because she loved those little kids. Such misery. At least there are plenty of seal plushies to keep her company.

This round I wanted to do something very colourful, with pink and bright colours. I imagined a store with japanese toys and plushies where Miss Ery had been brought to life somehow. You might not know of them but there are some ridiculously adorable baby seal plushies made in Japan, called Mamegoma Seals. I just had this urge to sculpt and paint a few of them, and a little teddy, a poster and a poké ball for good measure.

Miss Ery is a bit rag tag as we all know, and she has been repaired with all sorts of fabrics, among which there is a piece of fabric with a couple of sushi rolls with smilie faces on them. Because why not? When I was in Tokyo it seemed like everything was so cute and there were happy faces everywhere and I kind of wanted to capture that over the top cuteness. Miss Ery was a joy to paint. I love that miniature!

I hope you'll like it :)

Now I'm of on some short holidays.

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