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ELIM If Wyrd minis were MADE IN JAPAN...


...this is what they might look like.

Obviously, Japan has rich and impressive history and one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. However, when thinking about contemporary Japan, many other things come to mind. My first thought was "Pokemon". Even though I've never watched the show, I thought I might at least try to use one of my models, tweak it a little and give it an interesting paintjob. I chose one of the small Terror Tots and looked up some images of the creatures from the franchise. I chose the one called Charmander.

The conversion wasn't very complicated. I simply removed the tiny horns and added a tail using a tentacle from Wyrd Sewer bits. I also used a head of a plastic flail for the "Poke-Ball" to go further with my take on the theme. I've also used a 40 mm Wyrd Zen base insert and painted it to resemble rice field (something I also associate with Japan). I used some Vallejo Still Water to complete the wet look. I thought that painting the base this way will give the impression that the miniature is actually bigger. It was a quick conversion and a fast paintjob but I had fun working on it.

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