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  1. I'm so sorry it's about Terrain again

    Thank you very much. This advice has all really helped and I'm definitely a lot less reticent about the board now. My roommate and I have been extraordinarily busy so we haven't had the chance to play on the board yet. But I'm really hoping for a few games this weekend. And hopefully I can start looking into getting some real 3d buildings and terrain on the board soon... O.o
  2. I'm so sorry it's about Terrain again

    Awesome! Thank you for the responses. I had read through the Ratty post and that was where I tried to balance my terrain from. This actually almost takes up 1/3. At 12 inches deep it reaches about 33 inches across the board if tetris'd together. After placing it on the board was when I reconsidered. It just seemed so cluttered still. But I'll make sure to reread that and do some more balancing while I build up my collection of 3d terrain Ludvig, I hadn't even thought of that until you mentioned it. My roommate and I aren't too worried. But if it becomes a problem maybe we'll make the houses or the steam vents something 'not' blocking. Adran, yeah I'd really like to start upgrading to 3d terrain. But it'll take a bit of time for me to either start collecting some paper houses or learning how to terrain them myself. We did decide to go with having the crates be Hard Cover/Not Blocking when we set it up since we figured with the houses and the way Dense fog seemed to work there was too much blocking on the field as it was.
  3. Hello! I am a new player to Malifaux and I wanted to double check our terrain usage. My roommate and I recently decided to buy and try the Lady Justice and Seamus battle boxes and some basic research led me to notice Malifaux uses quite a lot more terrain than we're used to. We're mostly experienced with Warmachine and Guildball where terrain is mostly a suggestion. So I cut out some cardboard squares and color coded it into a few different terrain types and placed it around the board and to my eye it looks... Cluttered. I wanted to double check with the community to see whether or not we're on the right track. (The terrain in these examples is symmetrical for the sake of eyeballing how it looks. And isn't representative of how it might be set up in a real game.) The second image shows how it might look with some assembled Guildball models we had around. So the colors are hard to make out but the largest squares are houses, with some orange and red squares for rough/hazardous terrain. The purple boxes are 2ht crates (Which I think we're deciding you can shoot through) And "steam" is obscuring forest. The thin white rectangles are meant to be 1ht walls. (Which that's about a 3rd of what I printed out and it still looks like too much to me). So is that appropriate? If not what are some things I can do to balance the table so we can make sure to have more enjoyable and better balanced games? Thank you so much for your time and I'm really excited about getting into your game