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  1. jchrisobrien

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    I don't feel bad taking Santiago with the Jury; he's done some crazy damage with her help. Abuela overall is much better. Letting other models w/out a 0 action push her is great, using her 0 to make a friendly model take a 1 is great! Yes, you'd be a little crazy to drop a monster hunter for the pistolero, but it's your choice in the end. The only reason you'd take pistoleros is for their Df boost, otherwise they aren't doing much of anything. Monster Hunters do so so much more. 4thstringer, have you used Pistoleros in your Iron Chef challenge yet?
  2. jchrisobrien

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    I like his Perdita list, very similar to mine (his Santiago & Nino versus my Jury and Abuela). That's a good Neliie list, I love the Peacekeeper/Queller combo.
  3. jchrisobrien

    Working on the Hoffman Project

    I've only used Hoffman once or twice since Wave 5 came out. It basically involved putting Targeting Systems on the Emissary, burying Howard out of turn with Abulea, then sending the Emissary in activating targeting systems to deal decapitating strikes, then pop Howard out next to the target. Got a draw against a Very Good Neverborn player. (Lilith, Nekima, Hooded rider)
  4. jchrisobrien

    Our Worst Models

    Personal bias. I don't use them often, and when I do they are always dead by turn two Clearly I need more practice with From the Shadows! Warden's aren't garbage per se, but really underwhelming. I would take any other Henchman over Dashel, including Samuel! Most of the wave 1 and 2 models are "OK" just showing their age.
  5. Played last night using the Duncan's "Pushy Shovey" Sonnia list. My opponent had Reva, Anna Lovelace, 2 Belles, 2 Flesh Constructs, 2 Guild Autopsies. The trick is to drain the opponents hand so your autopsies and constructs Reactivate. I'm just glad he wasn't using Nicodem again! The push engine worked well, though more practice is needed to optomize getting models in the right location. There was one particularly brutal exchange: Reva charges Sonnia turn 2 (which I could have prevented with a flame wall instead of shooting a construct). Sonnia takes some damage then I win Initiative. Grimwell moves, then pitches a card for Sonnia to move out of engagement with Reva, and blasts away! I made a mistake blasting off her and killing both autopsies, which let her head some damage. That and some good soulstone use (and a black joker on a damage flip) meant Reva survived the flame barrage and killed Sonnia. Franciso charged in and wounded Reva some more; Reva drops him to Hard to Kill. At the of turn three, Franc goes first, flurries.... and brings Reva down to one wound. She lives, and Francisco will surely die, BUT WAIT! Papa Loco chain activates, walks up to Francisco and punches him, getting sever e damage and killing Reva (who was out of stones) with the blast!
  6. jchrisobrien

    Our Worst Models

    Death marshals dying easily isn't a problem if you are going for Set Up. Run up to the model, let them kill you, Finish the Job, Profit! But seriously, IMO models that are really garbage are Guild Rifleman, Pathfinder, Warden, Governor's Proxy, Captain Dashel. Exorcists, Pale Rider
  7. jchrisobrien

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Most of the time I've used 2 Monster Hunters. If it's a killier pool I can drop the Investigator for the second hunter. I just want to see how each of them benefit the rest of the crew.
  8. jchrisobrien

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    I think taking 1 Queller, Monster Hunter, and Investigator could be viable in almost every crew. They have lots of movement tricks, card gain, lots of wounds, and are a perfect group for Public Demonstration. I think I'll start taking the Trinity in all my lists for my next ten games or so.
  9. jchrisobrien

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Yes the ttsgosadow list. I got a draw against Nicodem. Flame walls make nice roadblocks to stop kentauri.
  10. jchrisobrien

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    I played this list at CC Meltdown, except I swapped a Thrall in for Dr. Grimwell.
  11. jchrisobrien

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    The Jury is very popular now, almost Francisco level. Investigators are really good, you will see a lot more at the end of this month. I haven't seen other people using monster hunters yet (again, no model) but you definitely will. Quellers aren't as multi-purpose as the other models but they will be popular against Ressurs and Neverborn.
  12. jchrisobrien

    Another week another iron chef post

    Oh, curfew. I thought about taking it against Nicodem with all his summons, then I remembered he removes slow from models near him.
  13. jchrisobrien

    So who are your iron Scorpius 5?

    Game 1: Wouldn't make any changes, it worked fine. Game 2: I would definitely remove the Jury and add Phiona with Transparency, to better score Dig Their Graves. I haven't used Ferdinand much, but I think he could be very good. I took the Jury to help out with Mask triggers, which didn't really come into play. Ferdinand can hit very hard, but I could also swap him for Phiona and keep the Jury for three solid beaters. Game 3: I wanted to go fishing with the belle (lure a model in for me to kill) but didn't end up doing it much. I felt like I could use more CA attacks against him, but I didn't expect two Goryo in his list. Two monster hunters here would be a better play: Run in Fear is a casting attack and would do three damage per hit to the Goryo. Game 4: I've had the least amonut of practice with Sonnia and Lucius. I really like the Guild Investigator and the Guild Sergenat together. The sergeant can pick up a scheme marker the Investigator used and place in a new location to push another model! Recover Evidence was a very bad scheme choice (I need to stop taking it), Take One for the Team would work much better or maybe Public Demonstration. Game 5: I have no complaints about this Perdita crew, it's really tight. The biggest mistake I made was in scheme selection. I should gone with Show of Force over Take Prisoner. Both of us going for show means more models in the center of the table to fight. If both of us are going for Show, that leads to a big fight in the middle and neither Fingers nor the Taxidermist are great fighters. More of my models in the middle also makes it harder for him to score Search, and I had Shooting Cans to shut that scheme down... had Perdita lived.
  14. jchrisobrien

    So who are your iron Scorpius 5?

    After a few days to rest and recover, it's time to tell my tale of the quest for the Iron Scorpius! Game 1: Standard Ply for Information, Surround Them, Set Up, Inescapable Trap, Show of Force, Vendetta Nellie (delegation, embedded, misleading headlines), Printing Press, McTavish (debt, numb to the world), Sue (debt), Envy (debt), 2 Monster Hunters Pandora, Barbaros, Doppelganger, Lelu, Lilitu, Sorrow, Insidious Madness, upgrades (i might be missing a model) A wagon near the center helped provide cover for my enforcers and McTavish to hold the center of the table for three Show of Force points, even though Sue and Envy died by the end. Anita (a Monster Hunter) killed Lelu for three Vendetta points. He went for Set Up and went for Show of Force, I won Ply every round, which cemented the win for me. I really liked this build: three tough models in the center backed up by Nellie, with hunters acting as support. Final Score: 9-5 Game 2: Corner Squatter's Rights, Eliminate the Leadership, Covert Breakthrough, Dig Their Graves, Set Up, Take Prisoner Lucius (surprisingly loyal, deep pockets, condescending), The Scribe, Francisco Ortega (wade in, debt), The Jury (numb), Ferdinand Vogel, 2 Monster Hunters, Guild Lawyer Ramos (arcane reservoir, vox populi,?), Joss (imbue energies,?) Carlos Vasquez (practiced production, stunt double), Cojo, Medical Automaton, Performer, Medical Toolkit (might be missing a model) The Arcanists did a perfect job of holding all the Squatters markers, though I was able to flip several to my side for Guild Intelligence (three out of four points). He had three models capable of eating scheme markers (performer, Cojo, a summoned arachnid swarm), so I was never going to get a lot of Set Up points on Carlos. I made a movement mistake in the last round which made it easy for him to score three for Covert Breakthrough. I was never able to Take the Performer Prisoner. I shouldn't pick a model that stays so far back, Carlos or Cojo probably would be better choices, since they are coming at me. I REALLY should have taken Dig Their Graves and taken Phiona instead of the Jury, all those spiders were potential VP for me. Final Score: 4-10 Game 3: Flank Headhunter, Eliminate the Leadership, Hold Up Their Forces, Take One for the Team, Recover Evidence, Vendetta Lady Justice (swordfighter, badge of office), the Scales, Francisco (wade in, debt), The Jury (numb), Death Marshal Recruiter (lead lined coat), Domedor de Cadavers (lead lined coat), Rotten Belle, Brutal Effigy Yan Lo (awakening, follow their footsteps), Soul Porter, Izamu, 2 Goryo, Sensei Yu, Shadow Effigy, a monk of some sort. This was a very cagey and close match. Yan Lo and his crew spent most of the game hiding behind a house, then they rushed me as I approached the center. The Jury scored two points for being the Take One target, and I scored two more from Vendetta (belle vs. Izamu). A goryo picked up three points for killing Francisco (his Vendetta target) and he scored one for Eliminate on Lady Justice. The battle came down to picking up heads, and my opponent grabbed one more head than I did. I had to bail Lady J out and hide her the last two turns to keep him from getting any more points off her. Final Score: 5-6 Day 1 was a little disappointing, but we went to a great brewery with cider on tap so all ended well! Game 4 (the mystery round!): Standard Collect the Bounty, Guarded Treasure, Search the Ruins, Take One for the Team, Recover Evidence, Public Demonstration Sonnia Crid (counterspell aura, cheruff's imprint, no more masks), Malifaux Child, Francisco (wade in, hermanos de armas), Papa Loco (numb), Guild Sergeant, Guild Investigator, Witchling Thrall, Brutal Effigy Nicodem (circling buzzards, maniacal laugh, under taker), Malifaux Child, Phillip and the Nanny (corpse bloat), Sebastian (Those are not ours), Asura, Carrion Emissary, Desperate Mercenary, Rotton Belle This game was against an old friend, a really good player, and a really hard list to boot! He scored Collect on turns 2 and 4, I scored it on turn 3. I scored full points for Guarded Treasure (the sergeant slinging scheme markers around was instrumental for this) and he scored two points when I killed his sucker (Asura). The MVP of the game was my Guild Investigator for Flashing the Badge and nullifying one of his scheme markers which shut down Search the Ruins for him. Had the game gone on longer, he would have put more markers down and won. Unfortunately for him, we ran out of time. Final Score: 4-4 Game 5: Corner Symbols of Authority, Punish the Weak, Dig Their Graves, Show of Force, Search the Ruins Perdita (trick shooting, shooting cans, fastest draw in malifaux), Enslaved Nephilim, Francisco (wade in, debt), The Jury (numb), Abuela Ortega, 2 Monster Hunters, Brutal Effigy Somer Teeth Jones (dirty cheater, on your tip toes, do over), 2 Skeeters, Fingers, Taxidermist, Lightning Bug, 2 Wild Boars, Lucky Effigy I sent all of my crew up one flank towards his Symbols, leaving a monster hunter to square off against a boar. One Red Joker later, the boar was free to start flipping Symbols. Somer did something like 40 pts of damage over five shots this game (including a Red Joker on one) which blasted a lot of my models and put me on the defensive. The gremlins easily scored Show of Force and Search the Ruins. I tried like hell to score Take Prisoner on his Effigy, but ran out of models by the end. Perdita died on turn 4, just before I was going to start shooting his Scheme markers. I did Punish the Weak (a lot ) and flipped one of his Symbols, but it was a big loss for me. Lucky cards aside, the game would have really been different if I had gone for Show of Force instead of Take Prisoner. I'd be committing more models to the center to kills his, and make it harder for him to put Scheme markers down. That one choice would have made the game very different. Full props to my opponent though! Final Score: 4-10 Well, I was aiming for Best Guild and I missed the target (hell, I missed the barn!) I scored 4 TP, -9 diff, and 34th out of 42 players. I had a lot of fun though, and I got to meet Tristan in person and talk about the Guild with him, so that was great!
  15. jchrisobrien

    So who are your iron Scorpius 5?

    I will be bringing (in no particular order) Lady Justice, Lucius, Nellie, Sonnia and Perdita. I don't own Lucas, and haven't practiced with Hoffman at all. Perdita is my sweetheart (and my highest win record) so she will not be left home. Like I could stop her!