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  1. viking_queer

    Brand New and making decisions

    So is it better to build a more diverse crew? sorry if these questions seem really noobish, Ive been struggling to find information on the best way to build a crew and how to use each figures abilities with each other.
  2. viking_queer

    Brand New and making decisions

    Given Im leaning heavily towards Nellie, would I be better off getting Lady J's box or Lucius's box. Im struggling to work out the best way to extend her box, which of those 2 would be a better master box to play into each others strengths.
  3. viking_queer

    Brand New and making decisions

    So Ive just started playing and I'm looking to buy my first figures. I'm leaning really heavily into buying Nellie's box, but Im not sure what else I should get with her and how best to play. Other guild masters I'm interested in are Lucius and Lady Justice.