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  1. Neverbourne 2: 50ss 3 round event 18th Feb 2017

    Thanks James, I have updated the names that i have, im afraid i dont have luck number 13s name but i know hes there!
  2. Neverbourne 2: 50ss 3 round event 18th Feb 2017

    After Listening to everyones feedback I have made the decison to turn this into a 3 round event. This has been updated in the latest pack. The main reasons are: I agree that a later start will give people more of an chance to attend, the extended lunch will give people more time to look around the event and Longer rounds should promote a more relaxing experence which will allow for more socalising opportunities. If anyone who has bought a ticket really disagrees with the decison and does not want to attend then they can contact me and I can sort them out a refund.
  3. Neverbourne 2: 50ss 3 round event 18th Feb 2017

    Sorry for the lack of updates. I have updated the list! Also there has been a request for Neverbourne to be 3 rounds so what do you think? Post your answer and I will make a decison in regards to how people will feel.
  4. Good Evening all, As the title suggests I wish to announce Neverborne 2!! When? Saturday 18th February 2017 Where? Bournemouth International Centre Exeter Road Bournemouth BH2 5BH What? A Three round, 32 person, 50ss Malifaux Event, using the Gaining Grounds 2017 tournament pack. (Neverbourne 2 pack available below) How? Tickets are available and order them from the Entoyment website: http://entoyment.co.uk/miniatures-and-wargames/event-tickets/beachhead-events/neverbourne-malifaux-tournament-beachhead-2017.html Please note that due to the tables space needed to be clarified so the cut off point to buy tickets will be the week before the event (11th February 2016). who? 1 Richard Walters 2 Mike Asquith 3 Keith Robinson 4 Conor McNamara 5 Dominic Westerland 6 Kendall Hart 7 Jonathan Stokes 8 Gareth Jones 9 Ben Sime 10 David Sell 11 James Henley 12 Adam Worsdale Neverborne 2 pack v2.docx
  5. UK Events Calendar

    Can you add Neverbourne 2 onto the 18th of Feb separate from beachhead please?
  6. Good evening everyone, I would like to announce that I will be starting a new monthly participation event that will be happening at Entoyment in poole, Malifaux monthly's!! Every month I will be organising a custom multiplayer game needing only a box size amount of models (at most) to play in to encourage more malifaux in store. If you don't have the models we can lend you whats required and the winner every month will receive a Guilder. For this month it will be a Henchman arena: Rules for this month (29th september) You pick one henchman (no soulstones or upgrades) and place it in the arena, if you kill another henchman you gain 1 point, if you die you "respawn" on a random table edge. You win the game if your the first get 10 kills. You can not do the following, summon, gain reactivate, gain soulstones. If your interesting in playing then please leave a message on this thread.
  7. Jorogumo?

    Seen them in my local store
  8. UK Nationals 2016 - 12-13 November

    Hey, I'm happy to buy it off you dave, if you DM me your preferred method of payment we can sort something out.
  9. Soulstone Poole 2: Saturday 2nd of July 2016

    A little something...
  10. Soulstone Poole 2: Saturday 2nd of July 2016

    no problems Nick
  11. Soulstone Poole 2: Saturday 2nd of July 2016

    Yes it is, changed.
  12. Soulstone Poole 2: Saturday 2nd of July 2016

    @Maca1066 I would Be nice if people could but It not a requirement to play. I will reaching out a week before the event to confirm numbers of people bringing stuff so we can make room for them on the day.
  13. Soulstone Poole 2: Saturday 2nd of July 2016

    UPDATES!!! Good morning all, this weekend was exciting as I received the best in faction trophies: Hope you guys agree their looking good. As for the second update after much discussion I have decided to change the way that raffle tickets will be dealt out. All out of game raffle tickets will stay the same but I will be including a Objectives sheet, this will allow you to score each in game objective once through all your games and keep score. after the last game all you have to do is give me the sheet and I'll give you your raffle tickets.
  14. Soulstone Poole 2: Saturday 2nd of July 2016

    Welcome aboard James! all updated
  15. Soulstone Poole 2: Saturday 2nd of July 2016

    Everyone who's bought a ticket has been updated on the first post.