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  1. I have a question, do preorders count as well for the 60$? (If I order in my LGS)
  2. I have a question, do preorders count as well for the 60$?
  3. Want to sell a Lime Dayglow Kirai Crew and a Miss Fire, both OVP. Place: Vienna, Austria Links: https://www.willhaben.at/iad/myprofile/editad?adId=203004465&page=1 https://www.willhaben.at/iad/myprofile/editad?adId=203003833&page=1
  4. Really excited about it, I will definetely participate as well. @LordZombie Yay return of the Ponies!! I'm looking forward to see more of them!
  5. Hi, I noticed a typing error on the main page. It says the promotion runs until February 6th, I think it should be March 6th? And another error occurs on the site when you want to fill out the form, you can't select the february promotion. Just wanted to report this.
  6. Hm....first I wasn't that enthusiastic like the majority here. First thought was, that it doesn't look like the style that I'm used to Wyrd products. But after watching the video again and again and again....there was only one thought when i saw the Cult, "I REALLY want to paint them!" xD So I will give it a try, the gameplay sounds interesting and my sister will pledge the KS anyway. So it will be Cult for me.
  7. I was wondering about the release of the Iconic Fate Deck, last time when i checked the upcoming site it was planned for November. Now it vanished. Does anyone know when it will be released?
  8. Misaki kicked Collodis wooden butt and wins for the man.
  9. What's the Henchman store? Do you mean the LGS Promotions or is it something special?
  10. @Nathan Caroland Is there a chance that the LE models will be offered in the Guilder shop? So that it's easier for non-US citizens to "purchase" them....
  11. That was also my first question, does anybody know about that?
  12. @Vaiuri You forgot me in your Excell sheet. I started with September (Henchman pledge). Did 3 Ashigaru = 15 SS Pictures are in September thread but will do better ones this week.
  13. Here is a WIP of my September/October project. September: 3x Ashigaru done October: Yan Lo, Soul Porter, Chiaki
  14. Won a game for the Self-Righteous Man with my Asami Crew.
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