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  1. Kingdom Death, Monster. Twilight Knight painting tutorial part 4. I'm painting his face, cloth, and little accessories.
  2. Kingdom Death, Monster. Twilight Knight painting tutorial part 3. The head case. In this episode I'm painting the monstrous head, finish the armor, and start on his face as well.
  3. Very Impressive. This makes me want to do a project with a lot of re-sculpting of my own. By the way what is that mace made from?
  4. Malifaux Children of December Rasputina starter painted showcase video. With 360 degrees view of each miniature.
  5. Kingdom Death, Monster. Twilight Knight painting tutorial part 2 Painting armor. Lessons learned from painting Rasputina's copper samovar put to use for painting NMM bronze.
  6. Kingdom Death, Monster. Twilight Knight painting tutorial part 1. I'm painting slayed monster base. this was done at the same time as my Ice Golem project, and unfortunately I didn't record how I sculpted the base. At that time I wasn't planning to record all my hobby activity. But I'm really regretting it now.
  7. I posted 360 degree showcase video of the Twilight Knight on youtube. The first painting tutorial video is tomorrow.
  8. Malifaux Ice Golem tutorial 20. This was a long project, but it's finally done. Hope someone finds this useful. Children of December 360 degree showcase is coming in few days. Watch out for a lot more projects. Next one is Kingdom Death Twilight Knight. Another Hobby update is coming very soon as well.
  9. Malifaux Ice Golem tutorial 19. Painted his leg and shoulder. We are nearly there. Only right arm remains.
  10. Malifaux Ice Golem tutorial 18. Ice Ice Baby Golem. Today I painted his spiky back. And did some work on the right leg as well.
  11. Painting new samovar for Rasputina Malifaux. So Rasputina been updated. The new samovar already attached. All that's left is to finish the ice golem and Children of December starter is finished.
  12. Painted the samovar and attached it to the base. Will upload the video tomorrow morning. Oh and here's a video of Ito Itsunagi from bushido range.
  13. Sculpting new samovar for Rasputina Malifaux. The original hardly looked like samovar. And everything else on that base was great, so I had to sculpt better samovar. The boot was used as bellows to pump air on the burning coals.
  14. I'm about to do something I never did before brake things off finished miniatures. But Rasputina's old samovar is going and this is it's replacement. Later today I will past video of how it was sculpted.
  15. Malifaux Ice Golem tutorial 17. The icing on the golem. Painting his left arm. I am now roughly at the halfway point.