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  1. Something I forgot to post here, a couple of Guild Ball miniatures. Here's the first of them. Captain Corsair. The mermaid on the base is Reaper, Coral Mermaid.
  2. I had a very long hiatus for personal reasons. I'm trying to get organised now. New models will come. This is not new, but I only put Molly on that diorama for competition. I had to move her to another base so she can be played with. The ruined building will be used as a goal for Guild Ball Game. Anyway here she is. She looks a bit like vampire now even if she's not supposed to be one (bats not helping)
  3. My early metal Malifaux miniatures. With 360 degrees views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY9RfGzr2h0&t=217s
  4. Another YouTube video with more 360 degree views of miniatures. First batch of Bushido Cult of Yurei https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vO2K6VxnBuo
  5. I'll be making videos showcasing my miniatures. 360 degrees views and all. Here's the first of hopefully many upcoming videos. Malifaux Rail Crew Mei Feng starter.
  6. Did anyone got their voucher codes yet? The Black Friday sale is nearly started.
  7. And here's the milliput bases were sculpted.
  8. Here's my Rotten Harvest entries: Hamelin and Molly taking canine remains for a walk.
  9. Are we allowed to post images of the entries on the forum now? And on cool mini or not.
  10. DEAD09

    Not quite dead yet, Molly taking canine remains for a walk, Wyrd Miniatures.
  11. WaW15

    Witches and Warlocks, Hamlin, Wyrd Miniatures.