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  1. 18th March Leeds Beyond The Wall Of Sleep 50SS Tournament

    Fish, chips and peas for me please -scott weldon
  2. UK Nationals 2017

    The Scott Weldon +1 is Josh fletcher
  3. UK Nationals 2017

    counting down to 7.30pm. Once I have a ticket then comes the difficult part. Where to stay.
  4. Porks Rift - 25th March 2017, Element Games Stockport

    Just bought my ticket.
  5. 310 to Innocence 29th Jan The Outpost

    I'll have a look see if I can get this off work tomorrow. If so I'm game.
  6. Porks Rift - 25th March 2017, Element Games Stockport

    Hopefully get across for this. Just gotta check I can get the day off work. Is there a painting requirement?
  7. UK Nationals 2015 - #WAAC Sweepstake!

    WTH? I got last. I know I just randomly picked people but i didn't think I'd do that bad.
  8. UKGT 2015 Dates

    me and the other 2 muppets from barnsley should be in york from 5 at the latest on friday.
  9. UK Nationals 2015 - #WAAC Sweepstake!

    heres my team: Dr Maria "Queen Beyond the Wall" Wieland Aidan Kirk Mark Shepherd Mike Hutchinson Claire Hearn Pi Fröjd
  10. Breachside Brawl 3 - Sheffield April 12th

    Just paid
  11. Breachside Brawl 3 - Sheffield April 12th

    They tweeted that they were messing with the site if I remember right. Try again later.
  12. Breachside Brawl 3 - Sheffield April 12th

    Who you calling slack?
  13. Lemonentry - Stockport 15th March 2015

    All Paid up
  14. My painting blog

    I'm currently doing a painting blog. Hopefully this will keep me painting. I've just updated it with a collection of already painted neverborn. Thought some people might enjoy havinG a look through it. Http://Viralpainter.blogspot.co.uk
  15. Grid Tournament - 26th April, Grumblin Gremlins

    hopefully should be able to get the day off for this. really enjoyed yestedays tournament.