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  1. I've added a free shipping option to the store so you can order stuff to pick up from me at the event. http://www.leodisgames.com/ Chose "pick up at Fluffy Bunny" at checkout and you won't be charged postage.
  2. The results have been emailed to rankings (sent of Friday, I forgot about it) Breakdown of factions is as follows 4 Arcanists, Including 1st and 2nd and 3rd place 4 Neverborn, Including spoon 1 Gremlin 2 Outcasts 2 Guild 3 Ten Thunders and no Ressers???? Could this be a first for a 16 man event? Thanks for all of your feedback. I've had time to sit down breathe, have a cup of tea and process it all now. I've already got plans for how to make the next tournament better! Following on from that I've already ordered a load more blocking terrain for the boards. I think everyone who went will agree that the venues fantastic (especially with the pub for lunch). I've spoken to the scouts about the only issue with the hut (the toilets not being attached to the floor) and they've pointed out that the ladies toilet is a full size one and screwed down so that makes next time a bit more comfortable for people. Also I know it got a bit to hot towards the middle of the day. That was my fault. After years of gaming in rooms that were colder than the outside I got over zealous with the central heating. I'll make sure that doesn't happen next time.
  3. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who played in the event today. You made my first experience as a Tournament Organiser very easy. The pot in the kitchen for tea money raised £7.02 for WAAC and that's already been donated. I'd like to apologise for the confusion over best sports. I never knew that you could write Dan in such a way that it looked like Ben to most people! In the end Martin won Best Sports as well as Best Painted Master. As I said at the end of the event if anyone has any feedback on how the event was run please get in touch. thanks
  4. If I can figure out how to get Bag o tools to do that I will.
  5. 1 Ben Harris 3 0 0 28 11 17 9 2 James Doxey 3 0 0 23 12 11 9 3 Oliver Hedges 2 0 1 25 10 15 6 4 Ross Hill 2 0 1 26 19 7 6 5 James Clark 2 0 1 18 18 0 6 6 Martin Jones 2 0 1 17 20 -3 6 7 Cai Bird 1 2 0 15 13 2 5 8 Chris Holloway 1 1 1 16 10 6 4 9 Dan Wartnaby 1 1 1 13 19 -6 4 10 Darryl Jones 1 0 2 16 20 -4 3 11 Nathan Chenery 1 0 2 13 17 -4 3 12 Peter Sidaway 1 0 2 19 24 -5 3 13 Simon Burdett 1 0 2 19 24 -5 3 14 Scott Weldon 1 0 2 12 18 -6 3 15 Carl Lee 0 0 3 17 27 -10 0 16 Kevin Gillett 0 0 3 10 25 -15 0
  6. Menu Options for Saturday are as follows: LIGHT BITES. These are Half Portion sizes: • Roast of the Day • Bangers & Mash • Homemade Lasagne • Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas • Cold Cut Ham, Egg & Chips • Homemade Steak & Ale Pie • Breaded Scampi & Chips COLD SANDWICHES: • Roast Beef & Red Onion • Home cooked Ham & English Mustard... • Mature Cheddar & Pickle (V) • Tuna Mayonnaise HOT SANDWICHES: • Grilled Chicken & Pesto • Roast of the Day Please can everyone let me know by Friday afternoon what they would like to eat as I need to pre order it so that it'll be ready for us.
  7. I've updated the entrants list as Josh has had to drop out. If anyone reads this and knows Stargazer will you poke him(?) to let them know that they're in the event if they're still interested. Also I'm still waiting for the pub to send me the new menu but to give you all an idea of what will be on offer it's light bites (half size portions) of standard pub grub/ sandwiches. I can recomend the roast of the day!
  8. Less than a week to go and I hope everyone's getting excited!!! Just a few admin bits and bobs. I've just confirmed the pub for food and I'm waiting for them to send me their up to date menu (hopefully by tomorrow night). I'll post the menu on here once I get it. Will you all please let me know what you want so I can pre order it. Also remember foods included but any drink in the pub isn't. This will be a ranked event and I'm going to use Bag O Tools to run it. Will you all please make sure you're registered with it. The rounds are 2 hours so I'll be letting people know the time at 1 hour left, 30 minutes left, 15 minutes left then 10 & 5. I think that's everything. If people have any questions please post below.
  9. Entrants list and reserves updated. Also we've had the Mats delivered for the event.
  10. Hi when we initially sold out I had to refund the ticket for entrant number 17 so I promised him first refusal on dropouts. He's taken Tapdancers place. I've now added a reserves list if you want to be added to it?
  11. Apparently I was afflicted by some form of mind parasite whilst writing out the schmes for round 2 as is wasn't a legal draw. The parasites are now behaving and I've now ammended round 2 so it makes sense. Also I've ordered enough mats for the event so each table will have a shiny new one on the day. Beyond The Walls of Sleep.doc
  12. Not entirely sure how that happened but I've sorted it out now. The Strats Guard the Stash Beyond The Walls of Sleep.doc
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